Uncategorized The Millennial’s Guide to Changing the World: A Book Review July 9, 2018

Hey my loves! Today I have a really exciting post for you all, it’s something I’ve never done before – a book review! I had the opportunity to read this new release from Alison Lea Sher and I’m obsessed with it. I highly recommend this book for millennials who feel like they’re doomed and even those who feel like they aren’t.

The Millennial’s Guide to Changing the World: A New Generation’s Handbook to Being Yourself and Living with Purpose is a an amazing read for all generations. I was instantly sucked right into the book and couldn’t put it down. There was so much insight and advice that I needed to hear. I personally feel like I’m stuck at this age, I’m 22, kind of confused about what I want out of life, trying to make the best decisions for myself, my peers and the planet – it’s all super overwhelming and this book dives right into all of the worries that us millennials face daily.

Many millennials were told that we could do anything we wanted with our lives, but we weren’t equipped with the appropriate tools and skills.”

Above is one of my favorite quotes from the book, and its only in the second chapter. I can relate to this and I’m sure you can too. Growing up we were always asked what we want to be when we’re older, I’m sure many of you said a pop star, actress/actor and maybe some of you said a neurologist or astronaut. We were never told that our dreams won’t become a reality at that age, we were encouraged to follow our dreams – but I feel like as an adult now, that’s totally changed. I feel like some people question my major and college and I’ve heard a lot of “Good luck finding a job in your field” lately. People need to stop looking down on millennials and believe in them, like they did when we were younger.

This book is a great read and I highly recommend it. You can get it on Amazon here, but it’s also available for purchase at Barnes & Nobel and other independent retailers. Definitely check out Alison’s website, which is all about why millennial are important in the workforce and how Millennial Inc can help bridge the generation gap when it comes to training new employees.

I hope you guys enjoyed the post! Interested in getting a PDF version of the book? Leave me a comment or DM me on Twitter and I can give you the deets!

Thanks so much for reading, as always <3

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cruelty free, haul, makeup, review Tarte Haul and Review May 18, 2018

Hey my loves! It’s been quite a while, per usual. I’ve really been focusing on my future in graphic design and just taking some time for me (since my mental health hasn’t been the best lately). Recently tarte brought back their beauty kit set where you can pick 6 full sized items and a makeup bag at a HECK of a deal. I get their e-mail notifications so I knew when it went live, so make sure you definitely do that for when they do it again in the future – you won’t regret it. You’ll also want to be early to the deal because foundation shades can sell out fast.

I grabbed the pink bag they were offering mainly because of the cute tassel detailing it has. This bag is also nicely sized so I’m happy to have it!Here are the goodies I got! A foundation, a concealer, a mascara, an eyeliner, a lipstick and a highlighter.

I was super stoked to see that they had the Shape Tape in this deal since it is a newer release – and they had it in the lightest shade! I really wanted to try this foundation out, and I’m glad I did. I really like the way it feels on the skin, it clings to some dry patches but that’s sort of normal but I was shocked at how it doesn’t separate on the skin like the Rainforest of the Sea foundation does. The Shape Tape foundation comes in a matte formula or a hydrating one, I clearly got the hydrating one (even though I do get oily sometimes, but I find matte foundations look terrible on me). Since I have the Rainforest of the Sea Foundation (hydrating as well), I wanted to see how comparable they are.

So my Rainforest of the Sea foundation is little bit old, so maybe it’s not fair to compare it to the new foundation – but I’mma still do it. I got the Shape Tape foundation in Porcelain, the lightest shade tarte has to offer. At the time that I bought Rainforest of the Sea, the lightest shade was Fair Neutral but they have now added Porcelain as an option.

So the left swatch is of the Rainforest of the Sea in Fair-Neutral, the left is of Shape Tape in Porcelain. You can definitely see the huge color difference, even though these shades (again with the ROTS being older, I’m not sure if that would be a factor to the color). You can also see the consistency difference between the two, ROTS is definitely a serum-like foundation, well really they call it a water foundation vs the shape tape foundation which you can see is thick. I think the color of the shape tape foundation in porcelain leans on the yellow side, but I can make it work. I also noticed that it doesn’t oxidize, which is a plus for my pale babes!

I picked up the Maracuja Oil Creaseless Concealer in Fair and to be honest, I can’t remember what the other options for concealer were. I’m kind of bummed because I feel like this isn’t light enough for me to be a concealer/highlight color but maybe for spots it’ll work. I wanted to compare swatches to the other tarte concealers I have, so peep below for that!

The maracuja oil concealer leans more pink while the other two lean more yellow.

Here they are swatched, left to right: maracuja oil concealer in fair, shape tape concealer in fair, and aquacealer in fair. (Major color discrepancies down the line, lol) I haven’t really tried the concealer out yet, but from the swatch I did it seems like a thick concealer (which I feel like would make it crease, but okay tarte you do you).

Here’s a comparison of the foundations and concealers all together, since two of the foundations have concealers form the same line.

I’m always on the hunt for a liquid eyeliner with a felt tip so I added this to my bag pretty darn quickly. Plus, who could resist the packaging?!

This is the Sex Kitten Liquid Eyeliner and I’m in love with it. Nuff said.

The lippie I chose was the Limited Edition Tarteist Quick Dry Lip Paint in Festival. When they launched the festival collection (like a year ago? already…wow!) I definitely was interested in some of the products but just never jumped the gun. This color is super pretty so I thought I’d try it out.

It’s a gorgeous mavuey-nude, which are my go-tos. I haven’t worn it on the lips yet, however the swatch of it felt marvelous. (Rae, are you even a beauty blogger? Wyd sweetie?)

One of the items you’re able to pick is a cheek product, since I have some blushes that I rarely use I opted for the highlighter option! This doesn’t seem to be available on their site anymore, so I couldn’t link it – but it is from last years festival collection. I really like the compact design and the box design is too cute.

Here it is swatched – it’s pretty subtle but also very pretty. I like it.

The last thing I was able to add to my bag was a mascara. A few they had for options I have already tried so I grabbed something new! This is the Gifted Amazonian Clay Smart Mascara, I was drawn to it because of the packaging and the claims. I really do like the mascara and recommend it, however…

I have the Lights, Camera, Lashes mascara already and it’s been a holy grail of mine. I noticed that the brushes between the two mascaras are incredibly similar and they give similar results, so I was kind of bummed – however, they are both awesome products! I think the LCL formula is drier than the Gifted formula. If you already have one of these though, there’s no need to buy both of them since they are pretty similar.

Overall, a successful tarte haul! The value of these items alone would be well over $100, but with their awesome deal I only paid $67 for all of this :O

I hope you enjoyed the post! What’s your fave product from tarte? Let me know in the comments below 🙂

Thanks so much for reading, as always <3

Disclaimer: These products were purchased with my own money. I am not being paid for this post nor am I affiliated with tarte. All opinions are my own.


advice, life, lifestyle The Best Ways to Save Money April 22, 2018

Most of us have money worries of some kind. Around 82% of millennials owe money in some way, whether it’s student loans credit cards or a mortgage. Even if you don’t owe money, there’s always something else to think about. Things come up, and we need money to replace appliances, buy new cars or move to a new house. The kids always need money for school trips or uniforms, food is getting more expensive, and we all like to have a nice holiday from time to time. Even if you consider yourself to be sensible with money and in a good financial position, there’s retirement to think about. Say you earn $45000 a year and live comfortably, take away state benefits and pensions and there could be a shortfall of around $20000 a year. That might mean that you need to save over $5000000 before you can retire and live comfortably. That’s a lot of money. Have you thought about where it’s going to come from?

The harsh truth is that many of us worry about money without ever actually doing anything about it. We know that we should be saving more, but when the cost of living is so high, we just assume that there is nothing that we can do about it and give up.

This isn’t true. There is plenty that you can do to save money, without affecting your quality of life. Here’s a look at some of the very best ways to save money in 2018.

Snowball Your Debts

The average American household has a credit card debt of over $7000. Often spread across more than one card. A huge amount of us are only paying the minimums, which can mean that it takes a lifetime to pay off what is a relatively small debt and that we pay over double the balance in interest.

To avoid this, and save yourself a fortune in the long term, it’s a good idea to use a process called snowballing to pay them off. Say you’ve got two cards, one at 21% interest the other 18%. Whatever the balance, the 21% is costing you more. So, instead of paying the minimum, look at what you can afford. Set up a direct debit and keep paying that amount. Then, when that debt is clear, add that amount, and what you are saving to the amount you are paying off the next card. Check out learnvest reviews for some other great personal finance advice.

Little and Often

If you don’t have debt, you are already in a fantastic position. But, there’s still a lot more than you could be doing. Get into the habit of making small savings and transferring them into a savings account. You might be amazed at how quickly even saving the odd bit of pocket change can add up.


One of the main reasons that we overspend is that we just don’t know how much we can, or should, spend. Sit down and set up a spreadsheet for your household budget. Add absolutely everything that goes in and out of your account and look at small cuts that you can make. You can even budget for luxuries throughout the year. Just make sure that you stick to it. I’ve really been loving my traveler’s notebook to track all my expenses!


I hope you enjoyed the post and that it helped you in someway.

Thanks so much for reading, as always <3