Maple Holistics Silk18 Conditioner Review*


Hey guys! Sorry that it’s been such a long time for me to get a new post up – life has been a little hectic and I’ve been trying to focus on my graphic design career. I need to get better with my time management, focus on more important things and basically – get my ass in check. I’ve been busy with working full time, doing freelance projects on the side and trying to maintain a social life. (Also, the Jonas Brothers are back together, so a lot of my time has been obsessing over them again). 

Today, though, I have a review for you! It’s been a while since I’ve reviewed shampoo or conditioner. Maple Holistics sent me their Silk18 Conditioner to try out, so I’ve been incorporating it into my hair routine for the past couple of weeks. Maple Holistics is a cruelty free brand and their products are made in the United States. They carry shampoo, conditioners, lip balms and personal care items – I definitely want to try out some of their other products.

If you guys have been around for a while, you guys know about my hair but in case you’re new…My hair is pretty dry, gets tangled easily, it’s brittle and I have a lot of breakage. I personally don’t use heat on my hair but I know that using water that’s too hot can damage your hair, but there’s other factors too!

Maple Holistics Silk18 Conditioner is perfect for dry, frizzy and damaged hair. (Ding, ding, ding…that’s my hair). The conditioner is silicone and paraben free, which is a win in my book. It smells like vanilla which I really like – it’s not too strong and to be honest, you’ll catch me sniffing the ends of my hair throughout the day because I love the smell (it’s also incredibly soft).

So, why is it called
Silk18 Conditioner?

The conditioner has a “dreamy blend of eighteen silk amino acids” (x) and contains a few different oils to “promote softer, smoother, more lustrous looking tresses”.

What are my final thoughts?

So, I’ve been using this conditioner for probably a month and a half now – here are my thoughts.

I really like the conditioner – I liked how it made my hair look, feel and smell. It was able to tame my frizz that I get towards my roots and it made my hair feel silky and soft. My hair looked shinier and overall, it just looked better. Again, I love the smell of it. It’s not too overpowering but it does leave your hair smelling fresh and clean. 

I think it’s worth the price ($9.75 for 8oz). You don’t need to use a lot of product like I’ve had to use in the past with previous conditioners. 

Do I recommend it?  I do! If you’re looking for a hydrating conditioner that’s great for sensitive skin, then I say give it a go!

That’s all for the post, I hope you guys enjoyed the post. I also hope that you’ll give Maple Holistics some love, too!Cruelty Free Beauty

Disclaimer: Yes, this product was sent to me to review, but sponsorships/items sent to me do not alter my opinion in anyway. I’m here to help you (my readers) to find new products that you may have never heard about. I am all about giving 100% reviews, whether I’m paid for the review, sent the item or I purchase it myself. Just something to keep in mind for my past/future reviews.

September 15, 2019
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