Mistakes You’re Making That Will Affect Your Skin in the Long Run


red-woman-girl-brownA lot of us feel like we are invincible when we are in our 20’s. Therefore, we think we don’t have to worry about skin issues such as wrinkle lines. But what you are doing now with your skin can affect the condition of it as you get older. Therefore, you need to ensure you don’t make these errors in your 20’s which can affect your skin in the long run! (That’s why I always mention to take care of your skin now 🙂 )

You don’t get rid of acne properly

It’s unfortunate that a lot of girls have to deal with acne way into their 20’s. And anyone who has had trouble with the pesky spots will know how difficult it is to get rid of them. But a lot of girls make the error of not getting rid of it properly. They tend to pick the spots which can cause scarring and inflammation. Or they use cheap products which cause the acne to get worse. To ensure you are spot-free sooner rather than later, you need to talk to a professional. They can guide you to the right treatment so that you can get rid of those pesky spots. You can also speak to your doctor who may put you on antibiotics or will suggest lifestyle changes which will help you to get rid of acne for good.

You eat a bad diet

It’s so easy to eat a poor diet when you are at college. After all, you are so busy with coursework that it’s simpler to order a takeaway. But by making these bad choices, you could affect your skin for the future. After all, foods which are full of refined carbs and sugar will damage the collagen in your skin. It means you will end up with wrinkles sooner rather than later. And you will have to look into some form of treatment such as botox injections to be wrinkle-free! Also, you are more prone to spots when you are eating a poor diet. Therefore, don’t make these errors and be careful with what you are eating. Ensure you have plenty of fruit and vegetables to have beautiful skin as you age.

You use the wrong products for your skin

You need to make sure you know what skin type you have. Otherwise, you could be potentially be using the wrong products for your skin which could damage it in the long run. For example, many people use products which are not suitable for their oily skin. It leads to their skin getting dehydrated which can cause irritation and patches. Therefore, make sure you buy the right products which will keep your skin in a great condition.

You don’t remove makeup at night

I think we are all guilty of heading to bed after a night out with a face full of makeup. But, if you do this regularly, you could end up damaging your skin. The makeup will irritate your skin in the night and cause inflammation. Therefore, make sure you wipe your makeup off at night with some wipes. It will only take two minutes, but it will save you years of torment over your skin!

And try not to stress out too much in your 20’s. The more you stress, the more wrinkles you will create which will affect the condition of your skin in the long run!

I hope you enjoyed the post.

Thanks for reading, as always <3

xoxo, Rae

November 8, 2016
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