Flashbacks From Childhood that Might Affect You As An Adult



The world is pretty much divided into people who wish they were a little older and those who wish they were a lot younger. Think of you when you were 14 – all you wanted to do was look older and getting into high-age movies. Yet one day, the mere fact of being carded is going to delight you. Life is a circle and all that.

Did you spend your whole childhood feeling the same? That youth was something to get out of the way? It’s no wonder really. We wanted to be old enough to drive; we wanted to lose the curfew. We want(ed) to be able to drink alcohol (some of us are still waiting for that one!) or have their boyfriend or girlfriend stay over. And in some cases, we want to be able to lose certain trappings of childhood.

Look at childhood photos of yourself, and you’ll see those trappings. Oh, the trappings. The thick, unflattering glasses. Your parents idea of you looking good vs your own ideas. It’s one nightmarish photo after another – yet somehow, some of that stuff was actually useful.

Find it hard to believe? So did I, but when you look at it, it’s obvious.

Corrective Footwear

For any number of reasons, some kids have to wear orthopedic shoes to correct a problem that has arisen. As we develop, we may have issues such as flat feet or pigeon toes. As a result, parents take their kids to a doctor who may advise the use of orthopedic shoes. I actually had to wear a corrective brace on my feet for pigeon toes! I hated it. But as you get older, you may feel you’re free of this fear. But unfortunately, flat feet and other such problems don’t just affect kids. Thought you were free? Oh not yet…

Foot problems may cause you pain and postural difficulties as an adult, and you may consequently be advised to wear shoes to correct them. However, there is good news. An increasing number of doctors advise that these are unnecessary. In some cases, they are even damaging. Look for alternatives, including foot exercises to correct issues. And give the high heels a miss once in awhile.


Kids will find any reason to bully other kids, and if there is no reason will make one up. But for any child who ever had to wear braces, the memories will last a lifetime. Great when you reach adulthood and no longer need them, right?

Yeah, not so fast. Childhood sucks you back in again. Problems with your teeth can persist into adulthood, and misalignment of teeth can make mere eating painful. It can also affect facial development and cause headaches. Options such as braces can have a beneficial effect. The good news? They’re nowhere near as unsightly as they once were. Even you go down this treatment route, you don’t need to be embarrassed to smile. Growing up has its perks after all!



If you had to wear glasses as a kid, then the chances are that you had a love-hate relationship with them. You loved that you could see (a rather important detail in life), but you hated that people could see you. Because when you’re a kid, the glasses they give you take up half your face.

Fortunately, the older you get, the less stigma there is to wearing glasses. Heck, they can even be a fashion statement. It’s not something to worry about anymore. Let your eyewear say “I look good and I know it” and not “Without these, I’d be walking into walls”. And even if people call you a geek, know that geeks will inherit the Earth one day.


I hope you enjoyed the post and that you hopefully don’t have to deal with these childhood flashbacks 😉

Thanks for reading! As always <3

Xoxo, Rae

November 15, 2016
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