Last Minute Beauty Hacks for the Busy Bee


red-woman-girl-brownTime is something most of us feel we never have enough of. Whether we’re working the 9-5 or studying hard in college, balancing our social lives on top of everything else can be hard work! This is why looking our best often falls to the bottom of our to-do list, even if it pains us to do so. A lot of us don’t feel 100% confident going out without makeup, or without our hair done. But a lot of the time, it just has to be done; simply because we don’t have time. Unfortunately, this can have a detrimental effect on our leisure time. If we’re out with friends but are constantly fretting about what we look like, it detracts from the whole evening. Or maybe you’ve got an important test at school but you just KNOW your hair is greasy and you can’t stop thinking about it. Whatever the situation is, it’s always annoying when this kind of thing happens. But, they are some last-minute beauty hacks you’ll soon learn to swear by that even the busiest girl can master.

Go to the makeup counter
Do you spend a lot of your time lusting after high end makeup or NYX Cosmetics? Well, makeup counters could soon be your best friend. If you are leaving work and your friend calls you to say they’re in town for one night only and you need to come out, what would you do? There’s no time to go home to change your outfit and you have no makeup in your purse. If this happens, why not pop along to one of the makeup counters in a department store and get a complimentary makeover. It’s not something that should be made a habit of – after all, the staff is there to earn a commission from you buying their products. But if you’re really stuck, it can be a great last minute option.

Save your hair the easy way
Our hair is something many of us fight a losing battle with daily. It’s either too big, or too flat, too curly or poker straight. Learning to love what we were born with is, of course, the best way to fight your hair demons. But for those days where you just need it to be looking its best, don’t stress: there are some easy hair hacks you can use right up until the last second. If you’ve got an important presentation at work or college and you need your hair to be cute but not overdone, check out one of the many YouTube tutorials on neat, tidy hair. Many of these tutorials are simply done by normal girls, so you won’t need tons of expensive or fancy equipment. Or, if you are having a hair disaster before an important event and can’t make it to a salon, why not contact a local mobile hairdresser?
zabana2Freshen up on the go
If you’re frequently caught short due to plans changing last minute, learn from this and keep a mini selection of must-have products at work or in your purse at all times. This could be a mini deodorant, perfume samples from magazines (very useful), dry shampoo and basic makeup. Choose travel size ones to free up space and so you’re not constantly dragging a heavy makeup bag around with you. You’ll feel more prepared and won’t have to waste time by running home to freshen up for that impromptu date. After all, life is for living, so don’t let your usual hair and makeup routine stop that!

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