What Happens When College Is Over?


sky-clouds-garden-schoolThis is a question that many college students ask themselves around this time of year. You’ve been back to classes for a few weeks, and the assignments are mounting up. You’re back in the swing of things, but there is always that nagging voice in the back of your mind asking why you’re doing all this. What does your future hold? What will happen after graduation? Are you really ready for the big wide world?

The first thing you need to do is stop panicking about what will come, and focus on getting there. You still have your finals to prepare for. And you also have time now to get ready for what comes beyond the results. You’ve come this far and achieved so much already. You’re a completely different person than you were on your first day of college. And things will change a lot again after your final exam.

Most of us worry about the cost of our education once we’ve graduated. This is perfectly natural seeing as we are thousands of dollars in debt by that point. Many of us have taken out student loans that are repaid straight from our salaries once we’re earning. This reduces the take-home wage you’ll have each month. If you’re worried you won’t be able to afford to live, or things happen to change your circumstances, don’t panic. Companies like Docs Done For You provide lots of information on how to manage the loans process after college. This could provide the answers you’re looking for.

Getting a job is definitely on the to-do list this year. As well as studying hard for finals, you should have an idea who your ideal employer is. If you haven’t already made contact with them, try to find someone internally that can look at your application. You might be able to meet up with them during the semester break. Maybe you can request some work experience or a short internship before your finals start? If nothing else, get on their recruitment mailing list.

Work experience is hugely important for your resume. Before you get bogged down with exams, see if you can acquire some relevant hours at local firms. Work that is relevant to your preferred career path is essential if you want to work for your dream employer. You should have hobbies and interests that align with the kind of activities you can expect your career to include. For example, those wishing to pursue a career in physiotherapy would benefit from belonging to a sports team. This could even give you access to someone working in your dream job.

Do you want to go home to your parents after college? Not many of us do, but it may be the only financially viable option. Accommodation is expensive, and many careers start with low-paid or unpaid internships. Don’t expect to get your own place yet. It’s worth putting a notice up if you want to stay in town. That way you find other college leavers that might share rent with you. Where do you hope your finals will take you?

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November 2, 2016
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