A Guide To Studying More Effectively


Download As Many Books As You Can

We’re in a very privileged position living in the era that we’re in. There’s so much technology around to help us, and we can use it when studying. I often find that going to the library and looking for books is so tiresome. They’re almost always taken, and then you feel pressure to rush through them quickly when you do manage to rent them. Instead, I prefer downloading books on a mobile device or computer. Here, you can use things like MarginNote to write notes and annotations on the pages without worrying about getting kicked out of college for defacing a book! Even if you get a book and take pictures of it, you can often convert the photo to a pdf and then access the file like that.

Or, if you really want to be cheeky, you can sometimes buy eBooks on Amazon, screenshot the pages you need, then ask for a refund within a week. The whole point of this is that you now have study materials that you can doodle on and write notes or underline things without ruining a library book. This helps so much as it keeps your notes all in one place.

Do What Works For You

This sounds like pointless advice, but what I mean is that everyone studies best in different ways. Your friends may want to study in a group as it helps them get out of their dorm and actually do some work. But, if this doesn’t work for you, then you have to say no and do your own thing.

If you work best on your own in absolute silence, then go ahead and do that. If you like listening to music as you work, then crack on with that as well. Don’t copy what other people do because it might not work for you even if it works for them!

Create A Timetable

Personally, my biggest weakness is not knowing where to start. So, to counter this, I made timetables to help me study. Every day, you should split your routine up so you’re studying something for a few hours, then you rest, then you move onto another topic, and so on.

Instantly, there’s more structure to everything, and you feel like you actually have things to do. It makes you feel bad if you don’t stick to the schedule as well, which is an added bonus.

This advice should help you study more effectively, and ensure that you graduate with your college degree! Don’t overdo it with 18-hour long study sessions as this ends up frying your brain. Take regular breaks where you can relax and clear your mind, and you’ll be mentally charged for the next study session.

I hope you enjoyed the post! Thanks so much for reading and good luck on your finals!

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December 19, 2018
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