5 Ways To See Your Body In A New Light


So, you don’t like your body the way it is. You want to see it in a new light, if you will. You’re not on your own here. People trying to get fit and healthy are on every corner. Yet, it seems that only a handful of those people actually reach their goals. Then, only a small percentage of that handful actually maintain those results! This is why so many people start on a health and fitness journey, and always seem to be ‘starting over’. If you want to see your body in a whole new light, here are some guaranteed ways…

Visualize Morning And Night

This might sound strange, but the most successful people in the world visualize to get the results they want. Businessmen use it to take their businesses to the top. People use it to land their dream jobs. People even use it to get the body of their dreams. Visualizing each day, for just a few minutes could change your life. When you see something in your mind’s eye first, it makes it all the more likely that you’re going to achieve it! The most powerful time to do this is in the morning before you get up, and at night before you sleep. Imagine your body the way you want it. Imagine how you feel in it. Really bask in those feelings as if you have it already. What will you act like? What will your days be like? Include all of these things in your visualization to make them even more powerful. Focusing on positive feelings is the most important part.


Use Positive Affirmations

Positive affirmations can change the way your brain is wired. If you’ve always thought to yourself negative things, then it’s no wonder these negative things show up in your life. Here are some of the most common negative things people think:

  • Being overweight and unfit is in my genetics.
  • I’m not good enough.
  • There’s no way I’ll ever look the way I want to look.
  • It’s too hard.

Those are just a few you probably tell yourself. So change these to positive statements, even if you don’t quite believe them yet. Tell yourself things in your head and out loud, such as:

  • I can do this!
  • I’m good enough.
  • Anything is possible!
  • I enjoy this.

All positive affirmations will help you take steps towards your goals. (Write them on sticky notes and put them on your mirror, or randomly in your room!)


Act As If

Start acting as if you have the body you want. What would you eat? Would you exercise? How would you go about your day? Would you be happier? Would you wear nicer clothes? Don’t wait until you have the body of your dreams to do these things. Start acting like it now.

Get Active In A Way You Enjoy

Getting active will help you to feel amazing and reach your goals faster. You might find a PT session with Transform307 does the trick, or maybe a bit of home yoga. Make sure you enjoy it!

Eat Foods To Support And Nourish

All of the above is fabulous, but you must eat foods to support and nourish your body too. There’s no need for healthy eating to be boring! If you struggle with portion control, use a simple app to track your food. The key is to be in enough of a deficit or surplus to get the results you want, but not to go overboard.

Consistency is the key, so do these things each day!

I hope you enjoyed the post & got something out of it <3

Thanks for reading, as always!

Xoxo, Rae

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    Great post, very useful 🙂


    October 5, 2016 at 2:12 pm
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