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Will You Still Be Employable In a Decade?


If you think back to around ten years ago when it came to things we had in the home or in the workplace, it has all been transformed. Smartphones were brand new, apps were not yet a thing, and flexible working and open plan office designs were not commonplace. And when someone mentioned ‘the cloud’ it was assumed they were talking about a storm that was coming. All of these things, along with plenty others, have changed how we work and the kind of jobs that we are doing. Technology is changing at a fast pace too, meaning there could be many changes still to come.

How can we make sure that our skills are still relevant and that we are going to be employable after finishing college in a couple of years or even this time next year? It is going to be hard to completely predict what working will look like then, as we know things can change so quickly. Which is why making yourself marketable, educated, and able to adapt is really important. Then it makes it much easier to move with the times, change jobs when required, and get the jobs that you are applying for.

So with all of that in mind, here are some of the things that you need to be doing to make sure that you can keep up, and still be employable, even if it is a few years down the line. Being prepared for what comes next, or even being one step ahead of what could come next, is a great position to be in and will help your employability no end.

Pay Attention To Specific Industries

It can be hard to know where you want your career path to go, unless you have had a clear decision for a while. But one of the best things to be doing is to look at the best ways to keep up to date with the chosen industry or career path that you have chosen (or a few of the industries that you want to look at). Are there particular resources, websites, or other publications that you can be accessing to get the information that you need? Stay apprised of the industry (or industries) that you have an interest in going into (or that you’re already working in). It will be a huge benefit to do so.

As well as that, it can be a good idea to keep on top of other industries and watching out for innovations and new ways of doing things. Things like that aren’t going to be limited to just one industry, in most cases, so it does help to keep your knowledge up on what is happening in various industries; it can make a difference. For instance, if you want to work in finance, then it could be also worth looking at the marketing and advertising industries, as things that they implement are likely to follow in finance, for instance. Find what is relevant and then you’re going to be ahead of the game when it comes to how employable you are going to be.

Stretch Your Skills

Even when you’re starting out in a career, or ten years down the line, it can be easy to just get a little complacent with your work and skills. Your job can almost become a little autonomous to do, and that doesn’t mean that you are stretching yourself, learning or growing. And when that stops, it does make work much more dull for you, as well as make you less employable, as you’re not developing in other ways. So being able to stretch your skills, to keep learning, and doing more, is always going to be a good thing.

You may have an idea of the training that could help you in your career. But if not, then it could be worth looking somewhere like the Laurier online degree programs to see what else you could be studying and it if could be worth doing a masters. If you’re an undergraduate at the moment, then focusing on one thing at a time is a good idea first. But from there, the word is your oyster and a masters could help you, as well as doing other studies alongside your work. As well as formal education to improve skills, it can be a good idea to put yourself forward for things to help you to ‘stretch.’ This could be taking on a role of responsibility at work, or volunteering to take a specific project on. It gives you more experience, as well as more practical ways of demonstrating what you are capable of, should a job change come your way.

Document Development

At a basic level, keeping track of all that you do and making a note on your resume of the things you are learning and doing is a great thing to do. You have the memory and evidence of all that you have been able to do. Any classes, courses, and opportunities to develop should all be documented so that you have the proof of what you have done, and can recall it when you need to. When applying for jobs, it is going to help. You could also try your hand at blogging or even podcasting so that you can develop a small online presence, and it will help you to develop yourself as a brand, if that is what you want to do. Not only that, but it is very relevant. By doing something like that it helps you to show that you’re up to date with technology and the way that business and online marketing is going, as examples. Plus, it is something that is giving the chance to do something different to everyone else. So again, when applying for a job, it can help you to stand out, and help you to be more memorable.

Check Up on Your Skills

Just because you are qualified in something, it doesn’t mean that you’re instantly going to be an expert. And if you have something written on your resume that you haven’t used for years, then it pays to check up on your skills. What can you do to test your knowledge on that or recall your learning? Much like we do with ourselves and our health, as well as with cars, and our homes, we check them over from time to time, to check that no major cracks are appearing. As well as keeping up with that you already have in place, it is a good idea to check on your other skills from time to time to see how you can be honing them so that you’re able to do more and more and improve. So allow yourself some time, take stock of what you are doing, or what you should be working on. Then take the time to reevaluate so that you are all learning and growing.

Try Something Out of Your Comfort Zone

Have you ever told yourself that you’ll be unable to do something because ‘you’re not that kind of person?’ For example, have you avoided doing certain things at work as it would mean that you have to use a certain piece of equipment and ‘you’re not a techy person?’ But whatever is holding you back can be easily dealt with when you have a plan to deal with it and have a plan step out of your comfort zone. For instance, if you feel intimidated by technology, then you’re not going to get too far in the modern world we live in, and the modern businesses that we have. But stepping out of your comfort zone can mean that you are able to do so much more at work, as well as mean getting involved with more projects, and just generally improving your skill set. It won’t be technology for everyone, but we will all have something that can hold us back from doing what we want to do.

If your aim is to be ready for the future and ready for longevity in your career, then it will mean doing some things that you’re not too keen to do, or things that you might not feel prepared to do. When you embrace it, embrace change, and make changes, you will be setting yourself up for great things. Remember that as soon as you let fear stop you from doing things, then it will mean that you are putting a pause on your career, as it can mean certain skills are not being used and will almost become redundant. Keep challenging yourself in the right ways, and it will help your career, and help you to make sure that your career can be as good a decade down the line. Sometimes we can become so focused on keeping things neat and tidy and all in a box, that we forget to step out of the box and see that there is much more out there that can help us.

I hope you enjoyed the post! Thanks so much for reading, as always <3

October 17, 2018

How To De-Stress & Look After Yourself


A huge part of looking after yourself is knowing when to stop working, studying or over-thinking and just sit and be with yourself. But so many people fail to really appreciate the importance of this, or how to really go about achieving it. The truth is that being able to actually take time to unwind and relax is a hugely vital role in the act of taking care of yourself. If you think you could do with learning how to relax more, then take a look at the following. As you will see, it is actually relatively easy to take care of yourself in this way, so long as you know what you are doing and you actually take the time to do it.

Manage Your Time

If you find that you frequently don’t have enough time for yourself, then the problem might be a simple one: maybe you are not managing your time well enough. That might sound obvious, but you would be amazed at just how many people fail to really manage their time properly, and it’s something that you might want to look into in order to actually be able to take better care of yourself. With good time management, you are much more likely to have the chance to relax and look after yourself, and you will find that it is a lot easier to stay relaxed and stress-free in general anyway. For these reasons, this is often one of the first things you should look into if you are to try and start relaxing more in your daily life.

Follow Your Pursuits

Everyone has their own idea of fun. It might be opening up your Final Fantasy 15 A New Empire mobile strategy game and spending a few hours on that. It might be going to the pub with a few close friends and talking about whatever might crop up. Or maybe you love to be in the kitchen, or the garden, creating things. Whatever it is that you enjoy, make sure that you are allowing yourself the opportunity to follow them at every turn. The more that you pursue these passins, the more relaxed and at home in yourself you will feel, so this is really an important thing to make sure of. Often this is enough to ensure that you are genuinely happy and relaxed in your daily life.


There is a way to seemingly create more time and to be more relaxed at once, and it is meditation. Despite what you might think, this is not something that has to be particularly spiritual or religious. Actually, it is just a simple matter of sitting, focusing on the breath, and allowing yourself to be present in the moment. If you do that every day for about twenty minutes, you will find your life opening p with more time and more passions to pursue, and you will feel so much more calm and relaxed as you go through your daily life.

I hope you enjoyed the post! I just started school again so I will definitely be implementing these into my routine.

Thanks so much for reading, as always <3

September 9, 2018

How Do Students Get Ahead in College?


It’s not easy being in college. You’re still growing as a person, trying to find your way in the world, and all the time, you’re trying to keep up with your studies. While there are many different factors to college life, the truth is that it’s not the friends or social times that are the most important: it’s making sure you come away with a good degree. But have you ever wondered how some students seem to get good grade after good grade, and others struggle to keep up? We take a look at some useful tips for getting the best marks possible below.

They Choose Their Classes Well

You’re going to have to do well in whatever classes you’re taking…so make sure that you choose well! But of course, it’s not easy deciding what to study. It’s best to start by looking at the subjects you’ll enjoy, and then make a couple of hard decisions: will I be pushing myself if select this class? Will this take me to where I want to go? Also: if you’re choosing a class because you want to look impressive, or, even worse, because you want to please someone else (say, parents), then you’ll only have yourself to blame if you’re not in love with the class and struggle to keep up.

And Their Professors

Some subjects are inherently interesting. But others need to be brought to life. If you’re going to be engaged with a subject, then you need to be taught by people you like, trust, and respect. There are some classes out there that could be interesting, but they’re presented in such a boring way that you can’t help but fall asleep. Sometimes, it’s best to choose a professor over a specific subject. You’ll learn more if you’re not daydreaming through the professor’s lecture!

Showing Up

“Missing class” is something of a running joke in college. It’s being so normalized that people don’t even think twice about it; if they’re a little under the weather or, in many cases, just tired, they’ll choose to stay in bed. But the people who get the most out of college power through the temptation to stay in bed, and get themselves to class. While there will be times when you’re not able to make it, try not to go too easy on yourself. You’ll learn something if you go, you won’t if you don’t. But more than that, you’ll also be setting standards for yourself. You’re here to work!

Limiting the Partying

OK, who’s going to suggest that you don’t party in college? Not me. It’s a big part of it, and so long as you’re staying safe, it’s highly recommended. But it’s important that you don’t party too much, even if you’re not going overboard. Those late nights will catch up on you, and you’ll soon find that you’re more inclined to skip class. Keep your socializing to the weekends, and focus on your studies during the week. You’re not missing out on much if you don’t go to those Tuesday parties.

Extracurricular Activities

One of the best things about college is that there are so many things to do! From sports to arts and beyond, you’ll find there’s no shortage of extracurricular clubs and classes to get involved in. While you might prefer to binge-watch Netflix, it’s worthwhile joining these clubs, because in so doing you’ll be throwing yourself into all aspects of college life. When you’re life IS college, you’ll naturally want to succeed!

Going the Extra Mile

You’re not in high school anymore. You’re not in college because you have to be there. You’re there by choice. If you’re going to get the most out of the experience, then it’s not enough just to do the bare minimum. Go above and beyond, and it’ll be reflected in your grades. You can attend the many optional talks that’ll be taking place on campus, or buy dissertations to see what first-class work looks like. The result of going the extra mile will be that you raise your standards. Soon, you’ll find yourself towards the top of your class!

Finding What Works

It’s all pretty easy in high school. You’re told what to do, and do it. In college, you’re left to your own devices, by and large. Alas, many students struggle with this freedom, and end up spending way more time than they should be procrastinating from their studies. As such, one of the best gifts you can give yourself is to find out what works best for you. If you know that you work best in the mornings, then get up and do work; you’ll have the afternoons free (see? Plenty of benefits!).

A Happy Home Life

When you’re trying to achieve anything, it’s best if all the important aspects of your life are in sync. In college, this will mean your “public” life (college), and your “private” life (where you’re living). As such, you’ll be well served by taking the time to make sure you live with people you know, like, and trust. College life can be difficult, but it’ll be all the more straightforward if you have a safe, happy space to retreat to.

No Hesitation

We know that being away from home, in a new environment, in a stressful situation (studying) can be tough. But if you’re going to go to college – and get all the benefits that it brings – then that’s what you’ve signed up for. People do a lot better in any scenario where they’re completely absorbed. If you’re forever wondering if you made the right choice by selecting your college rather than another one, then you’ll struggle to find focus. While you’re there, throw yourself into all that college brings. You only get out what you put in, after all!

Final Thoughts

There are no guarantees when it comes to college success, but there are things you can do to get yourself ahead, as we’ve soon above. Beyond that, it’s all about enjoying yourself!

I hope you enjoyed the post and that your semester goes well!

Thanks so much for reading, as always <3

August 22, 2018