3 Of The Most High-Paying Jobs In The World


The most high-paying jobs in the world are sometimes motivators in themselves. While you should never focus on only the salary alone (it’s healthy to be at least a little enthused with your job,) it can’t hurt when it comes to choosing your direction in life. If nothing else learning exactly what jobs are the most highly paid can serve as an interesting exercise, perhaps helping you specialize in a certain direction if you’re in a position to make that choice. After all, developing skills with inspiration is never a waste of time.

Computer Science

Computer science or engineering is one of the most well paid jobs to be found today, thanks to its practicality of uses and the uniformity of digital systems and structures in our daily lives. Computer science is an intensely mathematical and scientific pursuit, and so it takes those with a very high abstract reasoning ability and calculative understanding – not to mention long-form reasoning. These fields are perhaps the most available to specialize of all, as digital systems are so frequently found in so many different fields and niches that often the mere ability to qualify yourself with a Master computer engineering degree validates you for many, many jobs. You may work for a Fortune 500 tech conglomerate, a high level military computer adviser, or perhaps formulate your own digital constructions. Computer engineers often make around $110,000 on average as of May 2018.


Of course, engineering goes hand in hand in terms of salary pricing as computer science engineering, but has a wider array of practical uses with physical designs. From building bridges to full public service utilities among a whole host of other incredible items, engineering is truly the final form of the childhood lego obsessed. Engineering is such a pragmatic, highly specialized and desired skill that it’s not uncommon for chief designers to make upwards of $200,000 a year, before bonuses. This is an intensely relevant field and will always be, requiring qualifications from top universities to be considered for the best roles.

Business Administration

Business administration is absolutely something that is required by absolutely every form. Unlike the previously two recommended skillsets, business administration can often be utilized by any corporate structure of size. In case you hadn’t realized, there are plenty of these out there. A business administrator manages to combine the tasks of managing management, overseeing financial obligations and duties, ensuring all teams synergize and that the overall vision of the company is on the correct route.

In more specialized circumstances they can be utilized to oversee and report on the success of a project, managing a team perhaps in that R&D level of secrecy. These individuals are often highly qualified and intensely familiar with the entire business hierarchy, and can provide their own visions as to how best to achieve the mission statement of the firm. It’s not uncommon for an excellent business administrator to make over £120,000 a year excluding bonuses.

If you have an interest in becoming the best of the business or design world, why not consider these careers? You’ll certainly enjoy a high standard of living if you’re willing to submit to bettering yourself.

August 16, 2018
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