Beauty Secrets While on the Road


Traveling is an undeniably fun activity for most. However, it still has certain drawbacks that most people who travel a lot are already familiar with. For instance, traveling can wreak havoc on your looks through a combination of inappropriate transportation conditions and lack of adequate beauty tools. As with all things in life, however, a little creativity can go a long way towards making you look and feel great while on the road. Still, always keep in mind that following some simple beauty tips can help you keep your looks intact during your travels!

Look after your feet

Feet often take the brunt of traveling as you go from one place to another, and are quite likely to experience inflammation or even pain as a result. Avoid that by soaking your legs in warm water and then massaging them with foot cream that can refresh and reinvigorate them for the road to come. Additionally, you can purchase or create your own shoe deodorant to ensure freshness of your feet and comfort of your shoes as the road hours add up.

Pay attention to your face

After feet, your face is probably the part of your body that’s most affected by the travails of traveling. Everything from excessive sunlight to strong winds can negatively impact your skin, thereby making proper skin protection a difficult if necessary endeavor. Depending on your skin type, chances are you will need to moisturize, exfoliate and nourish your face in varying degrees, and may have to settle for a light foundation or even none at all.

Stock up on healthy snacks

Food can have a significant impact on your overall looks, especially as far as your skin and hair are concerned. For best results, stock up on antioxidant-rich vegetables and fruits and lay off oily chips that can easily lead to skin flares and other issues. Alternatively, you can also enjoy some dark chocolate or wholegrain biscuits instead.

Stay hydrated

“The human body is made up of 60% water” goes an oft-cited statistic. But even as the role of water has grown ever more important in many people’s lives, the inconvenience of traveling often leads to inadequate H2O consumption levels. Aside from leaving you prone to tiredness and headaches, a shortage of water in your system can translate into dry skin and hair loss, so be sure to always keep a bottle nearby.

Don’t forget your basics

While no one should fill their backpack solely with make-up tools and accessories, a few essential items should be brought with you on any trip you undertake. Things like toners, moisturizers, cleaners and sunscreen are essential for maintaining a fresh look and keeping any potential issues at bay. Just be sure to pack them it in miniature bottles in order to prevent them from being confiscated at the airport.

Whether you’re facing a long drive or a packed airplane ride, take a good care of yourself, as small things you do to treat yourself can make a real difference as far as your looks are concerned. That being said, remember that tiredness is part of the package when it comes to traveling, and that the experience of going to faraway places more than makes up for such a minor inconvenience.

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January 12, 2017
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