Two Questions To Ask Yourself If You Can’t Focus


Everyone could do with being a bit more energetic, a bit more focused, and a bit more alert and those people who seem to have that superhuman quality of operating at 110% can’t be like that all the time, can they? Well, they can’t, but it has taken them a lot of training and mental preparation to get to that point. We seem to think that we’re either born with a good brain or we’re not, but the fact of the matter is that, however old we are, we can still learn new things, and as studies have shown, we can actually increase the “neuroplasticity” in our brains. So if you’re doing some studying or you’re trying to learn a new language, here are two things to bear in mind.

Are You Healthy?

The big problem in achieving focus and attention can often be found in our diet. We may be eating a lot of the things that aren’t doing our brain any favors, like sugar. And not eating enough of the things our brain needs to thrive, like omega 3 rich foods, and healthy fats. Think of your brain like a car, if you’re putting the wrong fuel in it, how can you expect it to function at its optimum level? After you’ve made some changes to your diet, look at supplements. There are plenty of “nootropics” that are great if you have to cram for an exam or need to do a long and boring task. Look at this Neuro Clarity review if you’re thinking about supplementing your brain. But be sure to look at the potential side effects of these smart drugs. A lot of them aren’t a replacement for a good diet, but the right supplement can really work wonders for you.



Are You Stressed?

Sometimes it’s a very simple reason that we can’t focus. We’re operating at such a high level of anxiety for so long, that we have no idea what a “normal” level of focus is. We end up operating in this brain fog that clouds our judgments and makes us constantly scatterbrained. Stimulation is a good and bad thing, too little stimulation and we are bored. Too much, and we are prone to anxiety. Think about how your mind works. If you spend a lot of time with an internal dialog and overthink everything, it’s like that person who is constantly jutting their leg or paces nervously. That nervous energy is going to leave them tired in one way or another, and if you constantly overanalyze everything, it’s going to leave you “brain tired.” Combatting this isn’t an overnight job, but it’s practice. From mindfulness to effective breathing exercises, to positive self-talk, there are so many options for you to try to keep your attention in one place. And it is something that you can start to address now by making simple changes. Turn off your phone at night, or get some proper sleep, whatever may work. Research into what methods will work for you. We’re all different, but we all lose focus or feel distracted sometimes. Take comfort in that.

How do you take care of yourself if you’re feeling unhealthy or stressed? Let me know! 🙂

Thanks so much for reading, as always <3

Xoxo, Rae

May 27, 2017
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