Planning for College: Four Things To Consider About Your Future College



Your learning environment can become a bit like a security blanket to you. Everyday is the same, almost. You get up you head to school, you take your classes, and then you head home. But once that time of your life has come to an end, what next? For most students, the time comes to picking out a college and choosing your study courses and what you hope to major in. It can be quite an exciting time. So I thought it would be good to share with you some of the things you should consider about your future college – planning for college is very important and it’s better to start looking into it sooner than later.

The independence you will gain

Heading to college has much to do with your own ambitions on what you want to achieve. High school is quite strict with regards to timings and school days, and college is totally different. This is why it can be a huge advantage to step out on your own two feet and take responsibility for your future. College can provide you with a lot of independence about grown up life, especially if you choose a college away from your home. It will help you learn about being accountable for accommodation and also your own learning. There is a lot of valuable key skills that can be gained for life, not just for learning your courses and furthering your education. I personally loved living on campus and being responsible for myself. I did miss my mom and cats a lot, but it was worth it to see how it would be to be on my “own” (I did have roommates!)

The support networks around you

College is mostly about the effort you put in yourself when it comes to your learning. But you also need a good support network around you for when you need it. This mostly comes from your future peers and the teaching staff. Even knowing that you have support outside of college for when you need the extra help and guidance on student rights. It’s important to be aware of your support network in the college and be happy with it. But to also be aware that you have websites like on your side for when you need support outside of the learning environment.

The skills and qualifications for your future career

When choosing your future college, you want to make sure that it offers you the right level of qualifications and skills to match what you want to study. It’s no good wanted to do something specific and attending a college that doesn’t have the right classes. You will spend a lot of time working towards these skills and qualifications, so you need to ensure you choose the course wisely.

The academic environment matters

When visiting a future college, you need to ensure that the learning environment is suitable. Websites like can provide you with guidance. I appreciate that a lot of emphases can be placed on the teachers and of course your future peers, but you also need to feel comfortable. By that, I mean at ease and feel you can work in the environment. College is mostly about independent learning, you will get out what you put in, so you need to feel engaged with the environment you are working in. This is why it’s important to visit the department specific to your classes.

I hope this helps you make the right decision about college.

Thanks for reading, as always <3

Xoxo, Rae

November 18, 2016
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    This is such a great post. I definitely agree with the point you made about making sure the learning environment is suitable. A lot of people overlook that.

    – Maya at

    November 19, 2016 at 12:01 am
    • Reply Rae

      Thanks for reading!

      November 22, 2016 at 10:15 am

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