Perfect Your Selfie With This Beauty Advice


rings-on-fingersA lot of us have become obsessed with taking selfies. In fact, social media is full of selfies. You will struggle to look through a friend’s holiday pictures without spotting at least one selfie! And celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Ariana Grande are also joining in on the action! However, when you are taking a selfie, it’s hard to get the perfect photo. In fact, many of us take a dozen shots before finding one we love! Therefore, here is some beauty advice you need to perfect your selfie.

Focus on your eyes

One of the first people will see when they look at your selfie is your eyes. Therefore, you want to make sure they look fantastic before taking a picture! The first thing you should do is try and make your eyes look bigger. One easy way to do this is to add some shimmer to the corners of the eye. Also, you should add some eyeliner on the lower lids to ensure they look larger. If you go for a flesh color, people won’t even realize that you are using eyeliner! You should also curl your eyelashes and add some dark colored mascara to make your eyes look fantastic! And don’t forget to add some eyeshadow to help define your eyes. Remember to try and smile with your eyes when you take the selfie, so that you appear more natural!

Pick a good lipstick

You also want to make sure your lips are looking perfect before you take a good selfie. And if you look at any of the celeb’s famous photos, you will see they are wearing a red or pink lipstick. Not only does this color help your lips to look more luscious, but it’s also great to ensure your teeth look whiter. Try different lipsticks until you find one which suits your style. And to give your smile some extra glam, you might want to add some lip gloss with your lipstick. That way, when you pout for the selfie, your lips will look fantastic! If you look on my previous blog, you will find some great lipstick trends which will ensure people focus on your lips when you take a selfie!

Improve your teeth

If you are planning for a wide smile for your selfie, you will need to perfect your teeth. After all, there is nothing worse than taking a photo with yellow teeth! Therefore, make sure they are in an excellent condition before you take a photo. You might want to get some teeth whitening products which you can use to ensure your gnashers are pearly white. Or you could even head to your dentist to look into a professional whitening treatment. A lot of them offer the latest treatments which they get from a dental lab. Therefore, they can help you to ensure your teeth look fantastic. And as this article says, showing eight teeth is essential for the perfect smile!

Give your hair some curls

To create the perfect selfie, you should opt for curly hair. After all, bouncing locks will look fantastic in the photo. Therefore, get some great products which you can use on your hair to ensure it goes nice and bouncy for your photos! And use some hairspray, so that it stays intact for the picture!

And remember to choose a good angle which will show off your best features! That way, you will create the ultimate selfie you can share on social media.


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November 24, 2016
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