Make the Transition to College Easier


Prospective students are always asking us seasoned college veterans about making the transition between high school and college. This is understandable, after all, they will be going out into the world on their own for the very first time, and they’ll be expected to work at a higher level than their used to, but you know what? Transitioning to college is rarely as hard as high school kids think!

For anyone who is preparing to head off to college this year, here are some tips which will help to make your transition a simple one:

Take Some College Courses in Advance

If you’re worried that you won’t be able to keep up with your college classes, consider taking one of the many online college courses that are now available, before you get there., They’ll give you an idea of what you’ll be doing at college, and you may even be able to get some credit for them.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help

A lot of students find it hard to ask for help when they’re in college, but if you’re struggling with anything from adjusting to dorm life to getting behind in your classes, please talk to someone. Everyone from older students and tutors to college counselors are ready and waiting to help you, and no one will think any less of you if you ask for help. In fact, they’ll think more of you for trying to fix your problems.

Forget Fear of Failure

So many college students get so worried that they’ll fail that it makes them ill. They get sick with stress and depression, and ironically this is more likely to make them flunk or drop out! The fact is, if you attend your lectures and do the work, it is very unlikely that you will fail. So, instead of worrying about it, just try your best, and you’ll be fine, even if you do get a grade or two that isn’t up to your usual standards.

Enjoy Learning

College is the perfect time to experiment, which is why you should take the time to learn for learning’s sake. Take a class just because you think it’s cool and learn something new that you wouldn’t have thought of before. You can learn about everything from feminism to Greek Mythology, so jump right in and explore all your college has to offer. It’ll enrich your experience and help you enjoy college life even more. Life isn’t all about building the perfect resume, after all!

Take Time to Relax

College is important, and it’s expensive, so you could be forgiven for thinking that you should be spending every second you’re there working, but this is a certain route to burnout. Yes, you need to work hard, but you need to take the time to relax and play too. Sure, attending every sorority party probably isn’t a good idea, but attending now and again will do you good, as will duvet days with Netflix and popcorn, hiking, dancing or whatever else it is that helps you wind down.

Hopefully, these tips will help you when you make the transition to college. Most of us students mess up once or twice in our college careers, but we do make it through, so take heart from that and enjoy the college experience to the full!

I hope you enjoyed the post!

Thanks so much for reading <3

Xoxo, Rae

April 7, 2017
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