advice Lose Weight Too Fast? Tackle Your Worries With These Simple Steps December 16, 2016

Losing weight is always a challenge and there’s so much advice out there that it can all be a little too overwhelming. We’re told that being overweight is extremely detrimental to our health and when you hear terms like diabetes, heart disease and stroke thrown around, the alarm bells really do start ringing.

So it’s no surprise that whilst the majority of people struggle to keep the pounds off, there are some that are scare mongered into shedding them as quickly as possible. This isn’t actually the recommended approach and there is such a thing as losing too much, too soon.

Losing weight should be a gradual process because it probably took you years to put it all on to begin with. Losing 1-2 pounds per week is an acceptable amount but any more than that and your body will suffer from too much change. It must be given time to adapt to less food, different nutrients and of course, the extra exercise.

If you’re lost weight too fast and you’re wondering if you will ever learn to love your new body then here’s how to beat those post weight loss blues.

Consider professional help for the loose skin

If you are really struggling to accept your new body from drastically losing too much weight then perhaps you should consult with a cosmetic surgeon. You don’t have to go the whole hog and get your stomach, arms and legs done. You could just get chin liposuction to give you a slimmer look generally when out and about.

Dress for your body type


Just like you probably used to dress in certain clothes to distract from the fact you were carrying too many pounds, try dressing to suit the body you now have. If you have some saggy skin that you want to hide then opt for floaty fabrics and avoid any tight fitting clothes as they will cling to all the areas you probably hate.

Suck it all in

The poor person’s liposuction! If you don’t want to go through with lipo on your body but want to wear the slim fitting dress you strived to fit into throughout your entire weight loss journey then don’t stop yourself. Get some slimming knickers that offer tummy control (not just any old pair of undies, you’ll actually have to go and purchase a pair specifically for this purpose). If you’re wondering what pair to look for, think ‘Bridget Jones knickers.’

If your boobs have run off along with the unwanted fat…


Often, when it comes to losing weight, women have to lose it from everywhere else before it finally departs from the stomach. That can mean losing the fat we do want around our boobs and bums. It’s a sad reality of losing weight but being healthy is definitely more important. If you hate the fact your formerly large boobs are barely recognizable anymore then get yourself a size boosting bra so you can feel comfortable in your clothes and make sure you work it, girl.

I hope you enjoyed the post and are enjoying these types of posts!

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