How To Prepare For Life At College Like A Pro



universitySo you’re preparing for your first year of college. I’m sure it’ll be everything you want it to be and more, and you should be excited. But there are a few things you need to prepare for.

Your freshman year is likely to be the first of any real independence. Even if you consider yourself to be fairly grown up, you should ensure that you’ve made the necessary precautions ahead of that first year. Otherwise, problems in your personal life could end impact your academic achievement.

Here’s everything you need to know.


Find The Right Accommodation

The first thing you should know about college is that your living space needs to be comfortable. If it isn’t, you’ll constantly struggle for any real enjoyment. More importantly, those feelings of dissatisfaction will cause a negative impact on your work.

A studio flat should be comfortable, safe, and encourage productivity. Unilodge (for those in Australia) solutions are specifically designed with student in mind. Besides, it has to be better than sharing a house with four or five smelly housemates.

It might only be a temporary home, but four years is a long time to feel unhappy or uncomfortable. Get this decision right, and it will establish a solid platform.


Learn A Few Basic Skills

If you’re not careful, college life will cost you an arm and a leg. Besides, learning to actively do things for yourself forms a key role in the bid to gain your independence. A few fundamental skills are essential.

You don’t need to be a domestic goddess. With the help of a Crock Pot and few online recipes, cooking healthy meals that don’t take hours will become easier than ever. Meanwhile, you could rotate duties with other students to make life even simpler.

Either way, developing those talents now will go a long way to preparing yourself for college and life after graduation.


Do Your Own Beauty

Essentially, cutting waste from your life is essential. While you deserve to look good and feel good, you shouldn’t let those elements hinder your studies. Finding the cheaper solution is vital.

The easiest way to give your entire appearance a boost is to take care of your skin with a positive routine. However, completing treatments from home is a great way to save a little extra money for books…and partying.

Besides, it’s something you can do with friends too.


Get Organized

The most important ingredient for gaining a worthwhile college experience is organization. If your days aren’t strategically planned, it can be very easy to fall into a hole. And escaping it in time to obtain the best degree possible is tougher than you’d ever imagine.

Technology can help you achieve this. Downloading smartphone Apps can help you schedule your time effectively. Meanwhile, acquiring work experience can go a long way to boosting the overall college experience. More importantly, it will help you in your quest to get a full-time job after graduation.

Of course, you need to leave yourself time to enjoy this glorious part of life. On the other hand, achieving the best results possible is key. Good organization is vital.


Thanks for reading and with these tips/advice, you’ll be all set for college in no time 🙂


Xoxo, Rae

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    This was super super helpful, I haven’t seen many posts like this around x

    June 14, 2016 at 11:49 am
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