3 Tips On Making New Friends After You’ve Moved Out Of Home


Leaving your parents house and moving away to college or university can be a daunting part of anyone’s life; I mean, who’s going to make your mac and cheese and do your laundry? Gaining your independence will also be one of the most exciting memories you’ll make, and you’ll have the chance to explore a fresh place, learn new things and make some lifelong friends. However, it can sometimes be a little difficult finding new people that you enjoy hanging out with, so here are some tips on meeting friends when you’re new in town.

Events And Festivals

A specific event or festival is a successful way of bringing together people who share a love of whatever is being celebrated there, ensuring you’ll be surrounded by (at least some) like-minded people. If it’s a particular genre of music you’re into, from folk to hip-hop; there will more than likely be a festival, gig or a night dedicated to that category. Therefore, you’ll have an automatic mutual interest with some of the other attendees, and should be able to spark a conversation (or you can just show off your knowledge of all the lyrics together as you sing along).

However, specialized events are by no means limited to music; food festivals are ever more popular, and if you’re into beauty, movies,  or perhaps crafts, they’ll be something organized by a community that loves the same things. These get-togethers, no matter how big or small, are a chance for you and your potential new crowd to flock together and hang out; giving you the perfect opportunity to make some new friends.


Sports And Teams

Whether you’ve competed and practiced a sport your whole life, or you just want to get fit and meet new people; joining a team is the perfect way to integrate yourself into a group and build new friendships. Alongside noticeboards and posters around your campus and local town, a good place to start searching is the internet; well, you’re here already, so you may aswell!

You might know exactly what you’re after; maybe you played soccer or tennis at high school, and are keen to join a team at college. However, if you’re excited to take on a new challenge; why not look into learning to swim, or get more info on cheerleading, you’ll be surprised how many people are there to achieve the same as you, and you’ll come away with new friends, as well as a new skill. Your parents aren’t going to recognize this new person you’ve become! For some more inspiration on what sports to try; take a look here: https://www.raechic.com/?p=1550.


(The e-board of the Active Minds chapter at my university! I’m in the green jacket).

Clubs And Organizations

Luckily for you, there are always others who will share your passions and beliefs, so joining a related club or organization is a no-brainer. If you’re of a particular religion, an obvious place to start is your nearest place of worship, and these often provide ways to mingle and get out and about within the community. Perhaps animal rights are where your enthusiasm lies; you’ll be able to find friends who want to meet up and discuss the latest issues and petitions in your new town and on campus.

The club you join might be less of a deep rooted belief and more of a hobby like chess, reading or cooking; the possibilities here are endless! Clubs will ensure when you’re meeting up with fellow members, you’ll always be doing something you enjoy together, which is the perfect route into a new and long lasting friendship. There’s also the option of being brave and forming your own club, which can be as serious or light-hearted as you want; you might be shocked as to how many people enjoy building model train sets are you do. It’s really about finding and embracing your crowd, however unique you all are. Check out some crazy college club ideas here.

Moving out and saying goodbye (until the holidays) to mom and dad doesn’t have to be scary at all. Remember that everyone starting at university is feeling the same way as you are, so everyone will be eager to make friends and form their own security blankets. It’s important to be open to fresh ideas and new cultures that you may never even have heard of before; this way exciting opportunities to meet people and make friends won’t end up passing you by. Lastly, don’t forget to be yourself; strong friendships are built on trust and a genuine like for a person, so make sure new acquaintances are getting to know the real you. Don’t worry, you’re great, and they’ll love you (and if they don’t, there’s plenty more folks out there who will).

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May 15, 2017
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