50 Questions I’ve Never Been Asked Tag


I was tagged by the lovely Alexandra to do the 50 Questions I’ve Never Been Asked Tag, so here I am, doing just that! I hope you enjoy!

1. What is your favorite candle scent?

  • Anything Autumny, so like spices and shit.

2. Which female celebrity do you wish was your sister?

  • Blake Lively, hands down. Most beautiful human being in the world and she has great style.

3. Which male celebrity do you wish was your brother?

  • Hmmmmm, maybe Ed Sheeran? So he could serenade me to sleep and sing at my wedding (if I ever got married)!

4. How old do you think you’ll be when you get married?

  • As weird as it may sound, I have a feeling I won’t ever get married? I feel like it’s kind of unnecessary, if you love someone, you love someone. You don’t need vows or a ring to prove that.

5. Do you know a hoarder?

  • I do not but my boyfriend might say I am…

6. Can you do the splits?

  • Absolutely not. I am not flexible by any means.

7. How old were you when you learned to ride a bike?

  • Probably 8 or so? I’m not exactly sure, I just know a neighbor taught me how.

8. How many oceans have you swam in?

  • Just the Atlantic! Cold af, usually.

9. How many countries have you visited?

  • One, but I hope someday that will change!

10. Is anyone in your family in the army?

  • Nope! My step brothers served previously and I am thankful for their service.

11. What would you name your daughter if you had one?

  • Delilah Rose.

12. What would you name your son if you had one?

  • I haven’t thought about this one, but I have no idea. Maybe Kurt after my uncle?

13. What’s the worst grade you’ve got on a test?

  • I couldn’t tell you the percentage but I’ve definitely gotten more than one F before…I’m not proud.

14. What was your favorite TV show as a kid?

  • Sabrina the Teenaged Witch!

15. What did you dress up as for Halloween when you were 8? 

  • I couldn’t tell you, have no clue.

16. Have you read any of the Harry Potter, Hunger Games, or Twilight series?

  • I read the first two Twilight books and have not attempted the others. I definitely want to read the Harry Potter series before I die though.

17. Would you rather have an American or British Accent?

  • I feel like I just have a normal accent like some people from Massachusetts have a total Boston accent and mine’s just kind of neutral – so definitely a British accent!

18. Did your mother go to University?

  • Yes she did and I’m very happy for her!

19. Are your grandparents still married?

  • My maternal grandparents – yes. My paternal grandparents have both passed. My grandfather passed away before my oldest sister was born but my Grammie still wore her wedding rings.

20. Have you ever taken Karate lessons?

  • I have not but I wish I did when I was younger.

21. Do you know who Kermit the Frog is?

  • What kind of person doesn’t know who Kermit is? I knew him even before the memes, let’s get real.

22. What was the first amusement park you went to?

  • Probably Fun Town, Splash Town? I really have no idea.

23. What language, besides your native language, would you like to be fluent in?

  • Probably German or Swedish.

24. Do you spell the color as grey or gray?

  • Usually grey.

25. Is your father bald?

  • Partially. He has the typical dad hair, where it’s missing off of the top of his head but he still has some on the sides.

26. Do you know any triplets?

  • I know that I have cousins that are triplets but I’ve never met them. Does that count?

27. Do you prefer Titanic or The Notebook?

  • The Titanic scared me as a child (still kind of does) so, I prefer The Notebook.

28. Have you ever had Indian food?

  • I don’t think so.

29. What’s the name of your favorite restaurant?

  • Kind of hard to choose, but right now I’ve really been liking Unos.

30. Have you ever been to Nandos?

  • No, I haven’t. Never heard of it.

31. Do you belong to any warehouse stores? (Costco, Bookers, etc..)

  • I do not. Tyler and I don’t need to buy in bulk since we don’t really use much!

32. What would your parents have named you if you were the opposite gender?

  • Well, I got my name during one of my mom’s ultrasounds, I guess it was the perfect close-up of my face and apparently I looked just like my Great Uncle Raymond so my mom wanted to call me Rae, but my dad said no way so she came up with Raeanne – so I’m assuming probably Ray/Raymond since that’s kind of how my name came about anyways.

33. If you have a nickname, what is it?

  • Rae! It’s just easier to say for most people.

34. Who is your favorite person in the world?

  • My mother.

35. Would you rather live in the countryside or the city?

  • Definitely countryside.

36. Can you whistle?

  • No, I can’t! I did it once when I was younger and I can clearly remember that, but haven’t been able to since then. I also can’t really snap my fingers.

37. Do you sleep with a nightlight?

  • I don’t. My room needs to be pretty dark in order for me to be able to sleep.

38. Do you eat breakfast every morning?

  • Usually. I’m really hungry when I wake up.

39. What medical conditions do you have?

  • I’m not really sure if this qualifies but I have GAD (Generalized Anxiety Disorder).

40. How many times have you been to the hospital?

  • I’ve been to the hospital a lot to visit family but I’ve only been there once for me, which wasn’t anything serious.

41. Have you ever seen Finding Nemo?

  • Yes, I have. I remember my Grandma Donna took me to see it and there were children crying in the theater when Dory and Marlin ended up in the whale’s mouth, haha.

42. Where do you buy your jeans?

  • I think all of my jeans are from Old Navy. Fit well and last a while.

43. What was the last compliment you got?

  • My boyfriend said I was cute, but he kind of has to – it’s in his contract (lol).

44. Do you usually remember your dreams in the morning?

  • Most of them because they’re SO bizarre. I wake up like WTF just happened most of the time. I blame my medication/stress.

45. What flavor tea do you enjoy?

  • Peppermint for hot tea. I like fruit flavored teas but they have to be iced.

46. How many pair of shoes do you own?

  • Let me go count. Looks like 20. (Is that excessive? I have no idea.)

47. What religion will you raise your children to practice?

  • I am not religious by any means so there won’t be any of that.

48. How old were you when you found out Santa wasn’t real?

  • I was pretty young, probably 6 or 7. I found the Power Puff Girls wrapping paper under my mom’s bed and that totally gave it away. I’m pretty sure my older sister still believed after I found out he wasn’t real.

49. Why do you have a blog?

  • I started my blog two years ago and I’m so happy I did. I’ve always been a fan of reading blogs and seeing what new products are actually worth my money. This was also around the same time that I was transitioning into cruelty-free beauty so I shared my cruelty-free findings with my readers. I love blogging so much and I’ve met so many awesome people because of my blog.

50. Name 5 of your favorite albums ever.

  1. Jonas Brothers by the Jonas Brothers. TOTAL CLASSIC. I’ll never get over them.
  2. Divide by Ed Sheeran. This man’s voice is incredible. All of the songs are so different and they all sound so damn good.
  3. Homesick by A Day To Remember. Brings back so many memories, love it.
  4. I like it when you sleep for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it by the 1975. Beautiful.

And I can’t really think of any more albums that I have listened to as much as I’ve listened to these?

But that’s all! I hope you enjoyed learning a bit more about me and thanks again to Alexandra for tagging me in this! It was a lot of fun, totally brings me back to the MySpace days. Make sure to go check out her blog and give her some love!

I’m not going to tag anyone specific, so if you want to do this tag – feel free! If you do the tag, let me know and send me the link, I’d love to check it out 🙂

Thanks so much for reading, as alway <3

xoxo, Rae



July 7, 2017
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