Unique Ways to Make Memories With Your College Friends


sorority-post2So you’ve met some amazing friends at university and have built up a social circle that you’re proud to be part of. A big part of university is making memories, so it’s only natural that you should want to make memories with your new friends. Nights out might be great for having a laugh, but they’re not the best way to make life-long memories are they? The question is, what is the best way to do so?

If you’re keen to make some incredible memories with your friends, take note of the ideas and suggestions below.

Take a trip together

For making memories that will last a lifetime, there’s nothing like taking a trip together. Whether there’s a big group of you or just a few of you, it doesn’t matter. Going away together, whether it’s for a couple of night’s in Cornwall or for two weeks in Spain, can be a great way to make memories. It’s amazing how much closer you will all become after spending a week or two together. You’ll make some incredible memories and should have the most amazing time.

Get professional photos done

It’s all well and good taking selfies, but they can’t beat professional photos. Get a group together and book a professional photo shoot. Believe it or not, going to get professional photos done can be a lot of fun. Especially if the package includes getting your hair and makeup done and being able to change outfits between each photo.

Create a CD

Do you and your friends love to sing and dance? Then how about creating a CD of you all singing your favourite song? Imagine how much fun it would be to get together and record a song. You could most probably use your university’s recording studio to record it. Then, once you’ve recorded it, you could use a company like Nationwide Disc, to put it onto a CD for you and create a cover. Just imagine how much fun you would have getting together to create a CD. Even if you’re not the best singers, just think of the memories that you could make.


Cook together

Once a week, why not get together and cook as a group? Each week try making something new. It doesn’t have to be a meal, although it can be. You could try making whatever takes your fancy, from homemade pizza to cakes and bread. You could even team up and see who cooks the best thing each week, make it like a competition. One week you could make pizzas, the next you could bake cupcakes. Mix it up and have a laugh. Or, how about doing a university Come Dine With me, where each week someone hosts a dinner party for everyone else?

So there you have it, some unique and quirky ways to make memories with your new university friends. University isn’t all about the studying; it’s about taking the time to meet new people and make memories that will last a lifetime. Hopefully, the ideas above will help you to do that.

What do you do to make memories with your friends? Do you like to stay home or go out adventuring together? Let me know!

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