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How To De-Stress & Look After Yourself


A huge part of looking after yourself is knowing when to stop working, studying or over-thinking and just sit and be with yourself. But so many people fail to really appreciate the importance of this, or how to really go about achieving it. The truth is that being able to actually take time to unwind and relax is a hugely vital role in the act of taking care of yourself. If you think you could do with learning how to relax more, then take a look at the following. As you will see, it is actually relatively easy to take care of yourself in this way, so long as you know what you are doing and you actually take the time to do it.

Manage Your Time

If you find that you frequently don’t have enough time for yourself, then the problem might be a simple one: maybe you are not managing your time well enough. That might sound obvious, but you would be amazed at just how many people fail to really manage their time properly, and it’s something that you might want to look into in order to actually be able to take better care of yourself. With good time management, you are much more likely to have the chance to relax and look after yourself, and you will find that it is a lot easier to stay relaxed and stress-free in general anyway. For these reasons, this is often one of the first things you should look into if you are to try and start relaxing more in your daily life.

Follow Your Pursuits

Everyone has their own idea of fun. It might be opening up your Final Fantasy 15 A New Empire mobile strategy game and spending a few hours on that. It might be going to the pub with a few close friends and talking about whatever might crop up. Or maybe you love to be in the kitchen, or the garden, creating things. Whatever it is that you enjoy, make sure that you are allowing yourself the opportunity to follow them at every turn. The more that you pursue these passins, the more relaxed and at home in yourself you will feel, so this is really an important thing to make sure of. Often this is enough to ensure that you are genuinely happy and relaxed in your daily life.


There is a way to seemingly create more time and to be more relaxed at once, and it is meditation. Despite what you might think, this is not something that has to be particularly spiritual or religious. Actually, it is just a simple matter of sitting, focusing on the breath, and allowing yourself to be present in the moment. If you do that every day for about twenty minutes, you will find your life opening p with more time and more passions to pursue, and you will feel so much more calm and relaxed as you go through your daily life.

I hope you enjoyed the post! I just started school again so I will definitely be implementing these into my routine.

Thanks so much for reading, as always <3

September 9, 2018

Dealing with the Loss of a Loved One


Loss. It’s never easy and it’s never wanted, but we all inevitably experience it at least once in our lifetime. The grieving process is never easy and it never ends.

As we get closer to the holiday season, I am reminded that a few of my loved ones are no longer with us. They will no longer be able to sit at the table for Thanksgiving dinner or create a huge breakfast on Christmas morning for the family to enjoy. They will no longer be able to hug us, or send us a birthday card or even pick up the phone to say hello. And it sucks. It sucks so much.

The first loss I remember was the passing of my Uncle Kurt. It was in 2013 on St. Patrick’s Day and it was totally unexpected. He was only 48 and had so much ahead of him. I remember getting the phone call, well my mother got the phone call, right as I was putting on my shoes getting ready to go to work. I could tell that something was wrong once she hung up the phone, but she didn’t want to tell me. I begged her to and finally, she caved. She gave me the news and my heart shattered. I still went to work that day, since I think keeping busy in situations like that is important, I also didn’t believe it and thought I was still dreaming. Unfortunately, I wasn’t. My Grammie was so heartbroken, that her youngest had passed so soon. We were all upset since Kurt was an amazing person. Always making you laugh and smile, and he made a pretty kick-ass breakfast every Christmas morning, which I truly do miss. Christmas mornings have never been the same without him but I cherish the moments that we shared together and that’s what is important.

The next loss I experienced really shook me to my core. It was Thanksgiving of 2016 and I had just gotten out of the shower and I noticed I had a ton of missed calls, which I guess is never really a good sign. I called my mother back not really sure what to expect and my sister answered and told me that my Grammie was in the hospital the night before, I panicked because no one had even told me that she was in the hospital. I was worried, asking if she was okay and my sister told me that our amazing Grammie had not made it. I thought it was some sort of sick joke, that she was lying to me. She wasn’t. I just cried on my bed in my towel for a really long time. It was still early in the morning, but I did not have an appetite at all – ironic since Thanksgiving is the day that you’re supposed to eat everything in sight. She would appear in my dreams and ladybugs kept appearing near me, which I took as a sign that she was still here with me. I got a tattoo in memory of her a few weeks after she passed and I think it’s a gorgeous tribute. I love and miss my Grammie so much.

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The most recent loss I experienced was my Uncle Russ. An all-around good guy that everyone loved. His passion was music and it was always a treat to listen to him play guitar. I remember him teaching me when I was younger, I couldn’t really get the hang of it but at least I learned one chord – something that will stick with me. I remember collecting change from his couch cushions with my sister and having spaghetti dinners at his house. He was a fighter, a conqueror, and a such a kind human being. I saw him a week or two before he passed and we gave each other air hugs since he was coming down with a cold and didn’t want to pass it on to me, I’ll always remember that. Pictured above are some personalized guitar picks that I got made as takeaways during his service, they were a huge hit and I’m so happy that his friends and family can remember him in such a unique way since he was such a unique person.

As I mentioned earlier, the grieving process isn’t easy and it never ends – I’m sure you understand if you have experienced the loss of a loved one. I think about my Uncles and my Grammie often and my eyes get flooded sometimes, but I try to remember the good memories we had together – which is all I can do.

I know that the holidays are hard for some people, and you may feel like you are alone, but you are not. Reach out to someone. Help is out there.

National Suicide Prevention Line:

US (24/7) – 1-800-273-8255

US Text Line – Text “START” to 741-741

I hope you enjoyed the post and thanks for reading my rambling. I just felt like this was something that I needed to do for myself and I feel like a weight is lifted off of my chest now. I hope this post helped you in some sort of way.

Xoxo, Rae

(Sorry that I have been so MIA lately, work and school are taking over my life and I’ve just been in a blogging funk lately, I hope you understand.)

November 20, 2017

Figuring Out Your Future


When you’re in that strange place between childhood and adulthood, it can feel like the future is this huge weight that’s constantly pressing down on you. Everyone around you seems to be constantly telling you that you should be thinking about what you want to do with your life, as though now is the only time that you can make that kind of decision. It can often feel completely and utterly overwhelming to the point that it’s almost impossible to actually make any decisions. The best thing to try and combat that feeling is to break things down so that it doesn’t seem quite so all-encompassing and scary. Here are a few things to remember when you’re trying to figure out what to do next.

Follow what you’re passionate about


If you want to figure out what to do with your life, then one of the very best places to start is with your passions. What do you really love to do? Think about your hobbies and interests. While parents and teachers might try to tell you that they are a distraction from more important things like school or college, your hobbies can actually tell you a lot about the kinds of careers that might make you happy. Do you spend every weekend playing sports with your friends and know everything there is no know about your favorite sport? Well, then there’s a good chance that you’d enjoy something in that direction. Even if you’re not playing professionally, there are hundreds of careers available for people with a knowledge and passion for sports of any sort.

Think about stepping stones

One of the biggest mistakes that a lot of kids make is that they assume that whatever decision they make now is going to have to be the thing that they stick with forever. This is far from the truth. Plenty of things that you do can be stepping stones towards what you really want. You might not be in a position to start the career that you really want because you don’t have the right amount of experience, but things like volunteering and internships can give you that experience so that you can go into that career further down the road. Thinking of things in terms of where they are taking you in life, rather than as destinations in and of themselves, is a great way to avoid letting the future seem so big and intimidating.

It’s okay not to know


Here’s the big secret that a lot of people won’t tell you: no one really knows what they want to be when they grow up. Even so-called “grown-ups.” If your teachers and parents were really honest, they’d probably tell you that they are just a filled with uncertainty and confusion as you are. There is nothing wrong with feeling like you don’t have a clear direction to follow. Sometimes you have to try a bunch of things and see what sticks. Life is long, so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t take your time and figure out what you want to do at your own pace.

I hope you enjoyed the post! Do you think about your future a lot? Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Let me know in the comments below!

Thanks so much for reading, as always <3

Xoxo, Rae

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May 22, 2017