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My Favorite Cruelty Free Products Under $10



Hey lovelies! I’ve been kind of in a blogging funk lately, but I’m working on it. I’m trying to have back up posts so that when I really can’t think of what to blog, I can just post those instead. I’m thinking about either making a video or a blog post (or both) about why I want to go on a spending ban (mainly for beauty products), does that sound interesting to anyone?

But anyways, here I’m going to show you a few items $10 and under that I love and that are cruelty free!

Milani Prep + Set + Go Transparent Powder ($9.99)

I bought the Milani powder a couple months ago to replace a non-cruelty free translucent powder that I had and I really really love it. It’s a great setting and mattifying powder that doesn’t overdry the skin. I try to focus this underneath my eyes to set my concealer, just because if I put it all over my face it does make it feel dry and tight (but I think that’s just because I have such dry skin). I think it would be great for those of you with oily skin or if you have an issue with your makeup sliding off.

Hask Hair Bamboo Oil Shampoo + Conditioner ($6 each)

I love love LOVE Hask’s products and now my sister has found a new love for them too. I love how inexpensive their products are. The quality is absolutely superb for what you pay and I don’t think I’ll ever switch to another hair care brand. I’m currently using up the Bamboo Oil collection that I have and I think I will be purchasing the Keratin collection once I use this set up!

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream ($6) Stockholm is pictured above.

NYX is extremely affordable and they have a wide variety of products. I’m a huge fan of their lip products, especially their soft matte lip creams. They have decent lasting power and come in a ton of different colors. I love them because they aren’t drying on the lips and aren’t too matte (to the point where you have cracking lips). I think they’re a staple lip product.

Colourpop Super Shock Cheek Highlighter ($8) Stole The Show is pictured above.

Colourpop has been one of my go to brands lately, because of their price and quality. I picked up one of their highlighters and fell in love and now I’m always reaching for it. They have a ton of unique colors and a couple different finishes so I definitely think they’re worth checking out!

Pacifica Kale Detox Face Cleanser ($10)

Pacifica is my favorite skin care brand. They have masks, cleansers, and moisturizers and they even have some makeup products. I love love love their cleansers because they aren’t too drying on the skin, they smell great & they do their job. Definitely worth the money!

Colourpop Ultra Satin Lip ($6) Echo Park is pictured above.

Again, I love Colourpop and their Ultra Satin Lipsticks are my go-to now. I have a couple different colors from them and I love every single one of them. I feel like they’re super wearable and comfortable on the lips (I didn’t like the ultra mattes – so these are the

What are your favorite products under $10? Let me know in the comments below 🙂

Hope you enjoyed the post & thanks for reading <3

Xoxo, Rae

June 29, 2016

Cruelty Free Gel Manicure at Home!


Hope you enjoyed the video! I’d appreciate any feedback you had <3

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April 23, 2016

My Skincare Routine


2016-04-13 10.24.15

Sorry again that it’s been a while! I’m still trying to get caught up on work but yet procrastination seems to be winning. Since the semester is winding down and my stress levels are rising, I have to take extra care of my skin to make sure that it’s clean and taken care of completely. I have dry, sensitive and acne prone skin (although my breakouts are minor, I hate them since the redness really shows). Above are the products I use and I’ll tell you how I use them!

2016-04-13 10.21.15

I need to moisturize my face every morning and night, if I don’t I will end up regretting it. I picked up this Pacifica Dream Youth Face Cream from Ulta and I love it. It’s a thicker cream, so a little goes a long way. It feels so refreshing on the skin and smells amazing.

2016-04-13 10.21.54

When I saw this Pacifica Quinoa Sensitive Face Wash, I immediately had to pick it up. I love the fact that it has anti-inflammatory support since I do struggle with redness, from my acne spots and just minor irritation. It makes my face feel super clean without drying it out or irritating it. Depending on how bad my skin is (or timing) I’ll use it on my Clarisonic or I’ll just use my hands, both work well but I do prefer the Clarisonic if my skin is really bad.

2016-04-13 10.23.022016-04-13 10.23.31

I love my Clarisonic Mia 2, and can you guys tell that blue is my favorite color? 😉 I got this a couple years ago from my amazing boyfriend Tyler for Christmas. It’s been a game changer. I use it once or twice a week, I can’t use it more than that since my skin is so sensitive. I want to try a different brush attachment to see if it would be gentler on my skin. It is kind of bulky, so I do wish I had one of their new ones but it works perfectly fine.

2016-04-13 10.22.04

I clearly love Pacifica’s products too. This is their Cactus Water Micellar Cleansing Tonic. It removes stubborn makeup without needing to rinse it off afterwards, which I like. It also tones your skin which is also a plus for me. Annnnd it doesn’t dry out your skin like other toners do. I use this on a cotton round to remove my face makeup before going in with my Quiona face wash, just to remove any extra residue. Do not use this on your eyes though, it’s only meant to go on your face. (Coconut oil works wonders on removing eye makeup + coconut oil can help to strengthen and lengthen your lashes!)

2016-04-13 10.20.45

I love masks and do them as much as I can. This is Pacifica’s Pore Refine Deep Detox Mask. It’s a really thin consistency and smells absolutely amazing. It doesn’t feel tight or rough on the skin. After my face is washed, I apply this and leave it on for 20 mins. (They recommend leaving it for 5-20 mins, so I do 20 so I get the full effect.) This mask definitely works and makes my skin feel so smooth and helps to reduce the weird texture I have on some spots of my face. I highly recommend it. I also tried their Youthful Skin Scrub and I loved that too, so I might just need to buy everything from their line. (Can you blame me?)

2016-04-13 10.22.34

Then lastly, my favorite spot treatment! I’m sure you’ve heard of the old toothpaste on pimples trick, but that’s messy, can over dry the spot and is a pain, plus if anyone sees you, they might be concerned. I love love love this rollerball acne treatment from elf. It has witch hazel and tea tree oil in it to help reduce redness and dry out any problem areas. It says to apply it up to 3 times daily, don’t go overboard or you will have a dry patch. It’s also really convenient to just throw in your bag.

So that’s what I use to keep my skin in shape! My skin definitely isn’t perfect, very far from it, but using these products help me and my complexion.

I hope you enjoyed reading and maybe found a new product you want to try! Let me know what your skincare MUST have is in the comments below! <3 :0

Thanks so much for reading!!

Xoxo, Rae

FTC: This is not a sponsored post. All of these products were purchased with my own money and all opinions are my own.

April 22, 2016