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ColourPop Haul with Swatches



Again, someone please take my debit card away from me…I can’t stop buying makeup! I love love love ColourPop so of course I had to buy some new goodies to try out and share with you all. ColourPop is one of my favorite brands because their products are so affordable and the quality is absolutely outstanding for what you pay. They have a variety of products ranging from lipsticks, eyeliners, eyeshadows, brow products and cheek/highlighter products. There is honestly something for everyone and their prices range from $5-$8 for a single item and usually $20+ if you are getting a collection of stuff. I picked up a variety of things (some products I have tried before and some I haven’t!)


ColourPop usually warns that their processing + shipping time may be longer due to a higher demand, but I’ve never had a problem with their packages. Everything has been shipped out quickly and processed quickly too (I know that’s not the case for everyone.)

I picked up 8 items, one of them was an eyeshadow quad set that Kathleen Lights had collaborated with ColourPop to make.

wherethelightis1 wherethelightis2


I have tried their shadows before (Hanky Panky, to be exact) and I absolutely love the formula and how unique it is. They’re SO creamy and pigmented and have great wear power to them. They suggest to keep the packages closed tightly so the shadows don’t dry out.


Here’s a close up shot of Glow from the Where The Light Is collection. I love the texture that’s on their shadows. I’m not sure how much product you get in each, but these colors can be bought individually.


Here are the swatches from the Where The Light Is collection that I labeled for you. Their matte shadows are truly matte and aren’t powdery on the skin because of their super awesome creamy formula. Glow and Cornelious are mattes and Blaze and KathleenLights are metallics/shimmers. I feel like you could create a couple looks with this quad set. Blaze is a super amazing color and I can’t wait to play with it! KathleenLights is also a super gorgeous copper color that I’m excited to play with too.


And in case you didn’t believe me about their wear power…I used a makeup remover wipe on the swatches just minutes after swatching them and they stained me until I rubbed a little bit harder (I had to use a micellar water) but I’m definitely not complaining. I want shadows that won’t fade throughout the day.

cpweenie cpweenie2 cpweenie3

Showing some more love to Kathleen, here’s her shade Weenie (I’m really not sure why Weenie is showing up as a bronze color because it definitely is a beautiful rose gold shade).


Here’s a swatch of Weenie on my pale arm! Looks a little more true to color here (I guess I won’t take my blog photos at night anymore!)

stoletheshow stoletheshow2 stoletheshow3This Super Shock Cheek Highlighter in Stole the Show was one of the different products I tried out. This was $8 but is bigger than the shadows. No cool texture on it though, like there is on the shadows, what a bummer. This has the same creamy, soft texture and formula like the shadows do. I really like this highlight because it’s not too showy/flashy and looks really nice on the skin. (I think I bought this because Jeffree Starr was raving about it).


This is a crappy iPhone quality photo, but my camera wasn’t doing my swatch pictures any justice. But it’s a very nice highlight for my fellow pale girls (or even those who like white highlights!)

showmeliner showmeliner2

I also have never tried their liners before so I really wanted to, since I’ve heard good reviews. I picked up Show Me from their créme liner collection (they have the liners in gel form too!) I was seriously SO surprised how well this liner sat on my waterline. I’ve always had issues with my liner rubbing off my waterline and making a mess, or creating a ring around my contact lens…this liner was amazing. It stayed put all day, literally. Fully intact, didn’t fade, didn’t more. It was awesome! I wore it on my waterline and as a winged liner one day too, and even with me fiddling with my eyes (I’m an eye rubber) it really didn’t smudge or fade. I’m really amazed and now I want every color of liner they have. I highly recommend this color (& it looks great with blue eyes, totally made mine POP!)


Here’s a swatch of Show Me liner. It’s so creamy and pigmented and smooth and dreamy and ahhhh, I love it.


I wanted to compare Show Me to a higher end brand liner I have which I swatched below ColourPop’s liner. It’s the Jac B. Bronze liner from theBalm. It’s $17 and probably has the same amount of product as ColourPop’s liners. I prefer the ColourPop one for three reasons: the price difference, the pigmentation and how creamy their formula is (theBalm’s formula is a little stiff and hard to work with).

grungelippie grungelippie2

I’ve tried their lippie stix before and have shown you some swatches on le blog and on my YouTube channel. I wanted to try out a new color for fall, so I got Grunge, which is honestly a really intimidating color for me since I’m so pale. I haven’t tried it on my lips yet, but I did swatch it on my hand and it looks like it would be a great color for fall. It’s definitely that 90’s babe color. It’s also a matte finish, which I do like, but only in their lippie stix (me + the ultra matte lips do not get along). Although it is matte, it applies creamy and smooth and dries down well. They have great staying power + staining power, so keep the coconut oil handy to help get the color off!


Here’s a poorly lit swatch of GrungeI’m glad to have it in my collection since I haven’t had a color like this before.


And lastly, I bought three new ultra satin lips to add to my collection. I got Dopey, Spritz and LittlestitiousI love the ultra satin lips, because they aren’t too glossy and aren’t too matte – I would really call them like a semi-matte finish, but it looks natural. They aren’t transfer proof but they are a perfect formula for everyday wear. I wish they had more colors in the ultra satin line, but I’m sure that they’re working on it! I apparently like pinky/purpley colors on the lips, since my two other ultra satin lips aren’t too far off in color (I’m really good at buying similar colors).


Another poorly lit swatch photo, they definitely aren’t this deep/dark in person – but they are beautiful shades and if you are considering buying some, I definitely recommend the colors I got!


Are you a fan of ColourPop? What’s your favorite product from them? Let me know in the comments below 🙂


Thank you so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed the post!




Disclaimer: All products mentioned were bought with my own money. All opinions are 100% honest and are my own. No one is paying/sponsoring me to make this post. The links in this post are NOT affiliate links, just links to show you the products.

June 22, 2016

My ColourPop Collection | Swatches + Review


2016-03-27 09.03.06

I’m a HUGE ColourPop lover. Their products are affordable, and for the amount you pay, you get AMAZING color payoff and quality. They are also cruelty free and feature some vegan products AND their products are made in the United States. My collection first started with 3 matte lippie stix and has since grown to what’s pictured above…and I want more. I want it all! They have such amazing products and it’s really not hard to add up over $100 in your cart before you even realize…(yes…I’ve been there and had to refrain, sadly). I have some swatches for you today and I’ll tell you what I like or dislike about the products I have.

2016-03-27 09.04.13

So these are the ColourPop Lippie Stix, they retail at $5 and the colors are endless. They have sheer, matte, satin + 3 other finishes, so you will definitely find a shade (or 10) that you love. I’m pleased with the packaging, although I have noticed some of the holographic letters have begun to rub off, but that’s not a huge deal with me. I bought these because a friend of mine had Tootsi and it looked fabulous on her, so I just had to pick it up and I saw some of the other colors they had and picked up two other colors on my first purchase. I eventually went back and picked up two more lippie stix. I’m also very good at buying similar colors as you’ll see in the pictures…2016-03-27 09.08.572016-03-27 09.11.10

Here are the 5 swatches of my lippie stix! The swatches are in the same order as the picture above. I clearly like matte lips. I love how they have the color on the bottom and a label for the color and finish. It makes it easy to find the color you want. These apply SO smoothly and easily. They’re also VERY pigmented, so for $5 they are a total no brainer. Like I said, I’m really good at buying similar colors. Dalia and Silk look a like, but Silk has more of a magenta/purple undertone, whereas Dalia has more of a dark blood red color. Tootsi is a gorgeous matte brown-nude, which looks especially good on pale skin tones (but I’m sure it would look great on everyone!) The next color is Button, which I think is going to be perfect for spring and summer, so I haven’t worn much of it yet but I have a feeling it will be one of my go-to colors. Peppermint is an orangey-pink and looks great on me. Obviously every color is going to look different when it’s on your lips since your lips are pigmented and will layer with the color, if that makes any sense? These are amazing and I highly recommend them if you’re looking for some new lip products.

2016-03-27 09.05.52

Everyone has been raving about matte liquid lipsticks now. ColourPop has Ultra Matte Lips which are a liquid lipstick that dry matte (lol duh Rae) and they recently came out with their Ultra Satin Lips line which are semi-matte in my opinion. I first bought the Ultra Matte Lips thinking I would LOVE them…but to be honest, I hate them. Maybe I just got a bad batch of the colors I have, but I personally think they are awful. Mine are super liquidy, which make them hard to apply. It also takes sometime to dry down matte. I hate the way the wand feels on my lips, it feels so rough and I personally don’t like the way they feel on my lips.2016-03-27 09.19.25

Here are the swatches of my Ultra Matte Lips. The first one on your left is Bad Habit, which is a really pretty dusty mauve, and it does look good on the lips, I just don’t like the formula. Next is Instigator which is a “mid-tone peachy nude” but I would call this more orange, which I’m fine with. I picked it up because I thought it would be a good dupe for theBalm’s Meet Matt(e)Hughes in Committed and they’re similar in color, but I 100% prefer theBalm‘s formula. And lastly, is the most disappointing. I picked up Lumiere 2 since I saw some beautiful swatches of it, it looks absolutely fabulous on Kathleen and I thought it would look great on me too since it looked great on some other pale babes. I was totally wrong. They say that Lumiere 2 is a “dusty mauve pink” but mine is straight up purple-gray. Maybe I just got a bad batch of it, but its absolutely awful. I put it on my lips and YUCK! It makes me look like a zombie.

2016-03-27 09.21.56

Here are the two Ultra Satin Lips that I have. The bottom one is Frick n Frack which is a gorgeous “rosy terracotta”. I love the color and the formula of these. Frick N’ Frack is a little dark on me, but it pulls together an edgy look effortlessly. It will definitely be my go-to in the Autumn. The swatch above is Echo Park which is a “warm peachy nude”. It’s definitely a “my-lips-but-better” color. I’ve been using it almost everyday, and I’ve gotten lots of compliments on it. Okay so about the formula…these are super creamy and not liquid-like. They kind of remind me of NYX’s soft matte lip creams, but these last ALL day unlike the soft matte lip creams. These apply like a dream. I seriously love them so much. To make them semi-matte I just blot it with a tissue. They aren’t transfer proof, but they still stay on your lips and don’t move or come off patchy. I recommend these if you’re looking for some awesome lip products that have great color pay off and are sort of matte without making your lips look like the desert. These and the ultra mattes are $6 each.

2016-03-27 09.26.44

I’m not sure why I didn’t picture the brow pencils, but here are the swatches of the two I have! The one on the left is Blondie (which is an amazing cool toned light brown) and the one next to that is Dope Taupe, which a lot of companies call a “universal” color. These pencils are $5 each and have a spoolie on one end and the product on the other. They are really slim, I don’t have any other brow pencils at the moment so I’m not sure if it would be the same size as ABH pencils or thinner. I love love love love these. They apply so smoothly and don’t smudge or fade throughout the day. They’re really easy to use and the spoolie is a great size and has the right amount of space in between the bristles to nicely comb through your brows or disperse the product. I have rather light brows and I feel like sometimes they disappear on my face, so I was glad that a company came out with a light brow shade, just because taupe is usually too bold on my face. I haven’t used Dope Taupe yet, but as you can see, it’s a little bit warmer toned and a little darker than Blondie. I’m sure Dope Taupe would look great on the tail of my brow, I just haven’t experimented with that yet. They have 8 different shades in pencil and in their brow color pots, so you will find one that suits you. These are my holy grail brow product now and I’m glad I bought two of each when they first came out, so I have a backup if I run out.

2016-03-27 09.07.072016-03-27 09.07.20

2016-03-27 09.28.10

I also have one of their Super Shock Shadows in the color Hanky Panky which is a matte shade. It is a cool toned brown, so it’s a good transition/crease color for me. It’s not too dark and it’s easily blendable and buildable. Their shadows are unique cause they aren’t a powder. You touch it and you’re like “What is that?” because it’s soft and squishy. I would call their formula a cream-to-powder, or maybe that’s just me. I prefer to apply it with my finger, but you can apply it with a brush. They have tons of different colors and finishes. I want all of their shadows, they are simply amazing. They are $5 and you get .07 ounces of product, I’m not sure when I’ll hit pan since I don’t use it everyday, but I really do like the color. *TIP: Make sure to TIGHTLY close these shadows, since they will dry out if you don’t!

So overall – I LOVE COLOURPOP AND THE MAJORITY OF THEIR PRODUCTS. I was disappointed with the Ultra Matte Lips and I definitely won’t be purchasing anymore, but I would love to get my hands on some more shadows, ultra satin lips and I would love to try out their eyeliners. They also have bronzers, blushes and highlighters but I want to use up what I have first before I buy anymore.

I hope you guys enjoyed the post and have a lovely weekend!

What’s your favorite ColourPop shade? Let me know below!

Xoxo, Rae

P.s. As always, thank you so much for reading! I <3 you!!!

DISCLAIMER: All products were purchased with my own money and this post is NOT sponsored. All opinions are my own.


April 1, 2016