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How To De-Stress & Look After Yourself


A huge part of looking after yourself is knowing when to stop working, studying or over-thinking and just sit and be with yourself. But so many people fail to really appreciate the importance of this, or how to really go about achieving it. The truth is that being able to actually take time to unwind and relax is a hugely vital role in the act of taking care of yourself. If you think you could do with learning how to relax more, then take a look at the following. As you will see, it is actually relatively easy to take care of yourself in this way, so long as you know what you are doing and you actually take the time to do it.

Manage Your Time

If you find that you frequently don’t have enough time for yourself, then the problem might be a simple one: maybe you are not managing your time well enough. That might sound obvious, but you would be amazed at just how many people fail to really manage their time properly, and it’s something that you might want to look into in order to actually be able to take better care of yourself. With good time management, you are much more likely to have the chance to relax and look after yourself, and you will find that it is a lot easier to stay relaxed and stress-free in general anyway. For these reasons, this is often one of the first things you should look into if you are to try and start relaxing more in your daily life.

Follow Your Pursuits

Everyone has their own idea of fun. It might be opening up your Final Fantasy 15 A New Empire mobile strategy game and spending a few hours on that. It might be going to the pub with a few close friends and talking about whatever might crop up. Or maybe you love to be in the kitchen, or the garden, creating things. Whatever it is that you enjoy, make sure that you are allowing yourself the opportunity to follow them at every turn. The more that you pursue these passins, the more relaxed and at home in yourself you will feel, so this is really an important thing to make sure of. Often this is enough to ensure that you are genuinely happy and relaxed in your daily life.


There is a way to seemingly create more time and to be more relaxed at once, and it is meditation. Despite what you might think, this is not something that has to be particularly spiritual or religious. Actually, it is just a simple matter of sitting, focusing on the breath, and allowing yourself to be present in the moment. If you do that every day for about twenty minutes, you will find your life opening p with more time and more passions to pursue, and you will feel so much more calm and relaxed as you go through your daily life.

I hope you enjoyed the post! I just started school again so I will definitely be implementing these into my routine.

Thanks so much for reading, as always <3

September 9, 2018

Learning to Let Go


One of the biggest causes of stress and anxiety for a lot of people is the sense that their life is somehow spiraling out of their control. One of the hardest things in the world is trying to come to terms with the fact that you may not have as much control over things in your life as you thought but if you can’t come to terms with it then you’re going to end up struggling a lot more in life than you really need to. The truth is that, however hard it might be, one of the very best things in life that you can learn is how to let go and avoid trying to control everything in your life. That can be a real challenge though, so here are just a few ways that you can go about doing just that.

Accept what you can’t change

There are going to be some things in life that you just can’t change. Whether it’s things that happen because of circumstances that you could never have predicted or simply because of the unstoppable march of time, trying to fight against the kinds of things is pointless and is just going to leave you feeling miserable and frustrated. By learning to accept the things that you can’t change with grace and understanding, then you’re going to find that your life becomes a whole lot easier.

Look to the stars

Now, whether you believe in things like the zodiac and astrology and all that stuff is kind of irrelevant here. The truth is that just having something that can help you choose which direction to go in when you feel as though you don’t have any can be a really great way to simplify your life. Places like AstroStyle aren’t going to tell you what to do with your life. But being able to narrow down your options and have at least some kind of guiding principles behind your actions can make those difficult situations in life a whole lot easier than they would otherwise be.    

Pick your battles

Then again, you are sometimes going to have to try and take control over the things that happen in your life. If that’s the case, then you will sometimes have to struggle against the odds and take what it is that you want out of life. This can be a great thing and can offer you the chance to guide your life in the right direction. However, trying to do it at every moment is just going to cause you to feel stressed out and overwhelmed. Think about which parts of your life are worth fighting over and which are worth relinquishing control of, and do your best to figure out which is which.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should throw up your hands and decide that you no longer have to take any responsibility for your own life, far from it. The truth is that your life is your own and no one else’s and you need to be able to guide it in the right direction as much as you can. However, if you spend your time lamenting the fact that you’re not always in control, you’re just going to make yourself miserable.

I hope you enjoyed the post! What’s something that you’ve had to let go of recently? Let me know!

Thanks so much for reading, as alway <3

February 5, 2018

Help for Students Outside of the Classroom


Everybody needs help at some point in their life. Whether it be a child that needs help from their parents. A parent that needs help in raising their child. Somebody of an older generation who needs help attaining the standard of life they still deserve. Or a school or college student who needs help with their studies. Everybody needs help. In regards to the latter, a student needing help, you should know there are more people that offer it than just teachers, tutors and lecturers. No, the assistance extends itself further than just the classroom. Keep on reading to find out more!


First of all, if you are a student, you should know that you don’t have to suffer in silence if you think you have been treated unfairly by your educational institution. And you should also know that there are specific people and services out there who are professionally trained to help you. These people are known as education lawyers, and the services they offer cover all the different kinds of education malpractice that you could think of. They focus on representing students fight all sorts of issues relating to their school or college life. They represent students who wish to legally fight against bullying. Those that wish to fight against academic misconduct on the part of their educational institute. Those that wish to contest against issues with transcripts. Those that wish to dispute financial aid. Those that wish to dispute degree classifications. And a whole lot more. So, if you are a student and you feel you have been treated unfairly enough to warrant taking legal action, then take it. And get a professional education lawyer, such as Asselta Law, on your side when you do so. Everybody has the right to contest something when it has treated them unfairly or left them in a bad situation, and students are no different.

But the help extends itself further than just legal aid and cover. It extends itself even further than aspects of student life that can’t be seen, in fact. Yes, it extends itself to mental health. But, just because mental health can’t be seen or isn’t physically detrimental, it doesn’t mean it’s not real. And it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t seek to get help fighting it if you do in fact suffer from it either. There are a whole host of people and services out there that help students to combat mental health problems — such as depression or anxiety — and they should most definitely be taken up on their offers. One such service that has been set up to help students combat mental health problems is Nightline. They are an anonymous service that has been set up by students for any student that is suffering from the plight of mental health. If a student were to be experiencing such a plight, especially if they were to be experiencing it at night time, then they could call up the Nightline branch and chat. They could chat about themselves. They could chat about their feelings. They could open up about themselves and what it is that it is bothering them. They can talk about whatever it is they feel comfortable talking about. And they need not give their name or any other details when they do so.

So, if you’re a student or are a prospective student, just know that help in education is not just to be found in the classroom. Being a student is a way of life, therefore more help is needed for it than just help from a teacher or lecturer. It’s not just about acing classes (although that is recommended). It’s not just about getting everything out of your studies. It’s about getting everything out of student life that you deserve to get out of it. And there is always help out there that will help you do just that.

I hope you enjoyed the post!

Thanks so much for reading, as always <3

Xoxo, Rae

May 29, 2017