Pacifica Coconut Milk Shave Whip Review



Hey lovelies! Pacifica is always coming out with new items and I always have to purchase them since I have such great experiences with products from Pacifica.

I picked this shave whip in my most recent Pacifica haul and I’ve been using it quite frequently, so now it’s time to tell you why I love this stuff and how it’s transformed my shaving routine. These shave whips are exclusive to Ulta and are $14 each, but are worth it.

Their claims on this shave whip…

Pacifica’s rich cream shave whips give you a super close, moisturizing shave and prevent razor drag. They smell amazing and are fortified with natural extracts that love up your skin and help protect against irritation from ingrown hairs and razor bumps. For all skin types.

coconutshavewhipI got the coconut one because you guys know I’m coco for coconut, but they have a couple different scents if you don’t like coconut (but…how could you not?!)

So obviously this is different than “conventional” shaving creams, since it’s not a foam. It’s more of like a lotion consistency but it’s also not at the same time, you’ll just have to try it out to see what I mean! I also love the packaging. I’m a huge fan of blue, so if anything is blue – I probably already love it.

I was a little bit skeptical of their claims about razor drag (which I’m assuming is razor burn) because my skin is pretty much prone to it, but I was seriously surprised after using this shave whip.

I exfoliate my legs before shaving (which is totally optional), then after rinsing that off well I grab the shave whip and apply a small amount in circular motions like the package says – you really don’t need a lot. This also isn’t going to create a lather, so don’t keep rubbing it in aimlessly. I don’t wanna say that it leaves a “film” on your legs, because it doesn’t, but it does create a nice barrier between your legs and the razor that you use. I use small strokes against the hair growth and I rinse off my razor in between a couple of strokes.

It’s kind of amazing how well this stuff works. It doesn’t irritate my legs and really helps to protect my sensitive lil’ legs to awful razor burn. (I’m feeling my legs right now and they’re so incredibly smooth and soft). This shave whip also seems to moisturize your legs while it’s at it!

I seriously and highly recommend this for anyone who’s looking for a different shaving cream/cruelty free alternative because it rocks! I am so glad I found this product because I’ll never use anything else again – so I guess you can say that I swear by it.

I’ve used tons of different shaving creams and razors and I’ve even used coconut oil for shaving, but none of the past methods that I’ve used have created such a nice shave like this shave whip. My legs are so happy.

Have you tried Pacifica’s new shave whips yet? Do you want to? Let me know in the comments below 🙂

I hope you enjoyed the post and thanks for reading, as always! <3

Xoxo, Rae


Disclaimer: All opinions are 100% my own. I am not being paid for this post.

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