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We all love summer, but our makeup doesn’t. One of the downsides of hot weather is melting makeup – a faux pas to be avoided at all costs. To help you deal with this unpleasant problem, we’ve compiled a list of useful ideas you should consider.

Get a primer  

A makeup primer is an incredibly useful product if you know how to use it properly. The way to do it is to apply it gently before putting on your makeup, but after you’ve slathered some moisturizer on your face. All you need is a pea-size dot of oil-free primer that will not grease up your skin. It can be applied in seconds and its effect will last for hours. It prevents your makeup from flaking and makes it last much longer, which can be a real challenge during hot summer days.

Go light  

The best advice for boiling-hot days is to go light on your makeup. No matter how useful makeup can be, your skin will appreciate the opportunity to breathe without the layers of primer, foundation, concealer and other products. Moreover, the less makeup you put on your face, the less makeup can melt onto your clothes – as simple as that. Dab a bit of concealer on the problematic areas and wear a wide smile; most of the time, that’s all you really need.

Pick creamy shadows

Powdery makeup is a no-no in the summertime because it easily becomes cakey and heavy in hot weather. Instead, go for creamy shadows which are more durable, and they also glisten nicely in the sun. Moreover, keep in mind that having the right brushes is half work done. Even if you’re not a professional, investing in high-quality makeup tools like Sigma brushes can really make a difference. Creamy eye shadows also tend to look more lively than the regular, powdery ones.

Make it waterproof   

Waterproof makeup is taking the world by storm and there’s a good reason for it. This type of makeup is resilient and can get you through any weather and setting. Moreover, if you decide to go for a quick dip, you won’t get the famous racoon eyes. With or without water, this is the best way to ensure durability. A waterproof mascara is particularly a must.

Expect the unexpected

To make sure you can deal with any makeup crisis that might arise, always carry the essential ‘repair’ kit in your purse. Mini-sized packages of makeup always come in handy in times of crisis. Another thing to keep in mind, and in your purse, is blotting paper ‒ the best ally against an oily forehead and nose. Apply it regularly to your T-zone in order to prevent any unwanted shine.

Forget about powder blush

As we’ve already said, powdery products are not a good choice during hot weather. Blush, however, is one of those products that you can rarely do without. Compensate by opting for cream or gel blush that you can rub in carefully to ensure a long-lasting effect.  

Choose a liquid eyeliner

Some women shy away from liquid eyeliners since they take some getting used to, which can be slightly frustrating if patience is not one of your virtues. However, in the summertime, the pros definitely outweigh the cons, since liquid liners won’t smudge as easily as pencil liners tend to.

Trust vibrant colors

Summer is the time when we’re not afraid to flaunt our lively colored clothes and funky patterns. Similarly, tinting your lips in bright colors or experimenting with vibrant eye shades is something you should definitely try. This will not only spice up your look and make it more suitable for summer, but also refresh your whole appearance, especially if neutral and balanced colors are your usual choice.  

Use these easy tricks to prevent your makeup from smudging and melting in hot weather. Once you’ve done all the steps, kick back and enjoy the sun knowing that your glowing look is here to stay.   

I hope you enjoyed the post! A big shout out to Mia for writing this post! Check her out below. 🙂


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