Life Skills You Need When You Graduate College


For a lot of people, education is something of a safe cocoon from most of the responsibility in life. Sure, further education in college and university is a bit more daunting, requiring you to become a lot more independent. But it’s all too easy for a lot of people to make their way out of education only to realise they’re still lacking a lot of the skills they’re seriously going to need to make it. So, here we’re going to look at those skills you’re going to need before you get out into the wide world and how to build on them now.


Time management

For a lot of people, college is one of the single most hectic periods of your life. You have a lot of deadlines and less time to yourself than before. For quite a few, there’s also a necessity to work to keep yourself financially stable. But it’s important to be able to take time to yourself and just de-stress once in awhile. Finding the time to fit in all your responsibilities as well as to create a work-life balance is crucial in education and continues to be so in the wider world. You need to be able to properly prioritise tasks and follow a planner that ensures you’re not letting anything important slip. All the while keeping things on an even keel. If you can do this in college, it might even be easier in the real world.


Great communication

You’re going to have to get used to being the one to thrust your hand out, to pass resumes around, and make those phone calls if you truly want to get ahead in a career. You can’t be passive about communication. Instead, you need to get proactive. Learning English as a foreign language, for instance, is vital if you’re not a native speaker. You might be able to understand your courses just fine but, professionally speaking, being understood entirely is important. Even if it is your native language, it’s a good idea to study English on a deeper level so you’re prepared to communicate well in a professional setting and a formal manner when you need to.



Being personable isn’t something a lot of young people have nailed down. As they grow up, a lot of people will start to get context, to learn some sensitivity and thoughtfulness. But there are plenty who go through life, through no fault of their own, without properly considering the needs and thoughts of those around them. In any kind of professional capacity, that’s an easy way to burn bridges and bad impressions. College is the perfect place to really take the time to slow down and learn how to be personable. Join clubs and take an interest in roles of not only authority but collaboration. Think about those in your life who help you and how to show appreciation and thanks, whether it’s housemates, teachers, or even your friends. Knowing how and when to apply a personal touch is a handy tool in business

Once you’re out of education, it’s easy to feel like you’re being thrown into the deep end. It’s a struggle for most, but these skills can help you at least tread water and be ready for the challenges ahead.

Thanks for reading, as always <3

xoxo, Rae

January 3, 2017
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