Is Life In A Sorority Right For You?


If you know anything at all about college life, chances are you’ll have heard of sororities and fraternities. These social organisations have their roots deep in history. The first women’s fraternity (before the term ‘sorority’ was coined) dates back to 1867 in the form of Pi Beta Phi. Since then, fraternities and sororities have gone from strength to strength and are now a huge part of college life for many students. Yep, there’s a million and one things to think about before heading off to college, and whether or not you’re going to join a sorority might not be one of them. However, being part of a sorority at college can have a lot of benefits. A lot of them are known to be picky, so there’s a strict criteria. If you are a solitary person and like to focus solely on your studies, then a sorority probably isn’t going to be for you. But for many girls, their college experience just wouldn’t be the same without their sorority. Read on to find out just what goes on behind all those Greek letters and to find out if joining a sorority is for you.

It’s a commitment

Think sorority life ends as soon as you graduate? Think again. Being in a sorority is now seen as a lifelong commitment. Alumni often return for big events and continuing to promote the activities of the sorority. It can definitely be worth keeping in touch with old sisters as networking within the sorority can lead to career opportunities. It is also seen as tradition for members of the same family to try out for the same sorority. You can be sure that being a sorority sister will take up quite a lot of your spare time too, so make sure you are well organised so you get everything done. You’ll be expected to represent your sisters wherever you go; whether it’s at an event or simply chilling in your team hoodie from clothing.

It’s philanthropic

As part of a sorority, a large part of your life will be dedicated to charity work and other philanthropic activities. This could be anything from hosting a bake sale at your college to running a marathon together. The sorority will work together on these events and they will be well-publicised in the local community. On a smaller, more internal level, you may be assigned what is known as a ‘little’ after some time of being in the sorority. A ‘little’ is a new sorority member you must look after – as their ‘big’. It is your job to teach your little the ways of the sorority and watch them blossom into a fully fledged sorority sister.

sorority-post2It’s fun

Of course, no post on sororities would be complete without mentioning the parties. Although made out to be wilder than they often are, sorority/fraternity parties happen regularly and can be a great place to meet people. Plus, once you are accepted into the sorority you will move into the sorority house – basically sharing a house with your best friends. You’ll never have to worry about who to watch The Notebook and eat pizza with ever again…

I hope you enjoyed reading and that you learned something new! Are you apart of a sorority or want to join one? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading, as always <3



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  • Reply Kathy

    I’ve always been curious about sororities as we don’t have anything like that over here in NZ. Such an interesting post to read 🙂
    Kathy x

    September 3, 2016 at 6:59 pm
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