Invite The Outside In With A Natural Skincare Routine


We’re all aware that putting chemicals on our skin isn’t good for us. As well as causing rashes and spots, those chemicals can seep into our bloodstream! Evidence suggests that chemicals in skin care products can cause hormone imbalances and illness. Even so, we continue to use them! Why? In all honesty, most of us aren’t aware of the alternatives. Shop bought skincare products are convenient and accessible. The good news is, the alternatives are just as easy to get hold of. They’ll save you a hell of a lot of money, as well! Incorporating natural products into your routine could be the best thing you ever do for your skin and body. Here are a few products you’ll need to get started!

Essential Oils

There are many benefits to essential oils. They can help with your immune system and balance hormones. They have the power to reverse the damage you’ve done with those chemicals! Why not use your favourite essential oil to make the following health remedies smell amazing, too? There’s no denying that natural remedies may not have the greatest smell. Essential oils are the answer. If you want ready made products, there are many moisturizers available which already contain your favorite essential oils. All you need to do is go out and find them!

Coconut Oil

We all know about coconut oil by now, right? It seems to be cropping up everywhere at the moment. You used only to be able to grab this gem from health food shops. Its increasing popularity means you can find it in most food stores. You probably didn’t think about putting the stuff on your face, though, right? Think again! Coconut oil can have many benefits for your skin. From strengthening tissue to removing dead skin, the results will amaze you. You could even start removing your makeup with the stuff! If you have oily skin, it might be best to avoid this one. Otherwise, there’s no reason not to give it a go. It may seem like an alien concept, but one go will show you that it’s a change worth making!


Apple Cider Vinegar

Does acne plague your skin? Anti-spot treatments contain some of the strongest chemicals out there. You only have to smell them to know that they’re packed with nasty stuff! The good news is that a natural skincare routine should work wonders on your skin anyway. A lot of the time, it’s the strong chemicals we put on our face that cause those spots in the first place. Then, there’s apple cider vinegar. Again, this has been increasing in popularity recently. It’s one of those ingredients that pops up in much vegan cooking because of its benefits for your guts! But, who thought there would be benefits for your face, too? Apple cider vinegar could be just what you need to clear those spots away. Though, it might be best to do this just before you wash. There’s no denying that the smell isn’t the best!

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