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Foxbrim Haul + Review* | 2


Hi my loves! If you missed out on my past review of products from Foxbrim, click here to read it!

So for my first post about Foxbrim, I was able to have a friend take some amazing pictures for me and I tried to get my boyfriend to take some, but he definitely is not an Instagram Husband by any means, haha, so I apologize for just the product shots. I wanted to try something new out with my pictures, so let me know if you like the fairy lights? I’m always looking for feedback! In this package from Foxbrim, I got some hair care products and some skincare products which I’ve been trying out to share what I think with you!

Natural Soap & Wash // $16.95

This is an all purpose wash – it’s good for your face, hands, hair, and body! Since it contains natural ingredients, it’s going to be gentle on your skin and is safe for sensitive skin types. I’ve used this on my face and was really surprised, it didn’t dry me out at all and evened out my skin-tone! I also love that this is a multi-purpose wash so it’s good to bring with you on travel to save space in your bag! It’s also a decent size so it’s a good buy for families, especially because a little bit goes a long way.

Argan Oil Hair Repair // $26.95

I’ve always been afraid of hair oils just because I don’t want my hair to get too greasy too quickly, but hair oils can actually be really effective on the hair. My hair is pretty dry since I’m a blonde, it’s also incredibly fine and thin so I need all the help I can get. This hair repair oil is formulated with argan oil, coconut oil, sunflower oil, grapeseed oil, jojoba oil – which are really beneficial for your hair! You apply this to dry hair, leave it on for two-hours or overnight, then wash your hair with shampoo to make sure all of the oil gets out. You can also use this as a styling oil and I must say – I’m super impressed with this! My ends look SO much better and you can tell the difference. It is a bit pricey, but a little bit goes a long way and I really think it’s worth it, especially if you use a lot of heat on your hair (personally, I don’t but I still have everyday damage on my hair).

Soft & Light Detangler Spray // $15.95

This has been a lifesaver for me! Having hard water (lots of minerals in my water) puts a toll on my hair and dries it out and also makes it difficult to brush. I’m so happy I found this detangler spray! It works really well and doesn’t take a lot of product to do it’s job (I bet you’re seeing a trend here). You’re probably wondering what “soft & light” means, right? The soft comes from how your hair will be after you use it, and the light is because it won’t weigh your beautiful locks down! My hair gets greasy pretty quickly and I’m surprised that this doesn’t make it worse but it really doesn’t. It just makes it easier to brush my hair and leaves it nice and shiny and smooth. I definitely recommend getting this!

Argan Oil+ Shampoo // $15.95

I guess I’ll just continue on with the hair care products! Aloe, argan oil, B5 + more ingredients work together to do wonders on your hair. I’m not a fan of the smell of the shampoo, but that does go away after you use your conditioner afterward (plus, I also use the detangler spray and that smells good!) I’ve noticed that after immediate use of the shampoo my hair feels a little dry, which is why I only use it a couple times a week. I make sure to rinse it really well and give my hair a minute to soak up my conditioner before rinsing it out, but other than that & the smell, I do really like it. I have seen an improvement with breakage, especially since I’m using some of their other hair care products. If you’re looking for a natural shampoo, definitely check this one out!

Exfoliating Tea Face Scrub // $16.95

I love scrubs. I don’t really know why, but I just do. My shower is full of different ones for my body but I haven’t tried out a new facial scrub yet so I was excited to try this out. It has a pump bottle, which was new to me since most scrubs come in a tube or a jar. So as you guys know, I’ve been getting a lot of hormonal acne lately and there’s not a ton that I can do about it, but I can try to reduce redness and prevent future breakouts. I love this face scrub because it’s gentle and won’t irritate my skin any more than it already is. It’s also full of anti-aging and antioxidant ingredients, so that’s definitely a plus. I feel like it really balances my skin and I’ve been using it a couple times a week and I’ve been loving the results!

Makeup Remover & Facial Oil // $13.95

Lastly, I received this makeup remover/facial oil. I feel like facial oils are all over the market now and people are swearing by them and after using this, I can see why! I love that this is a makeup remover and facial oil in one. I feel like most makeup removers don’t do their job completely, or they strip the skin of all the natural oils that we need. The oils help to break down your makeup while hydrating and nourishing your skin, so no irritating cleansers are needed which I love. I haven’t been wearing a ton of makeup lately, so I mainly use this on my eyes and it takes off mascara so quickly + the oils will help to hydrate my lashes!

I hope you enjoyed the post! Do you see anything you want to try? Let me know! 

I also have a discount code for my readers. Get 15% off ANY and ALL Foxbrim products with the code “RAECHIC15”!

Thanks so much for reading, as always <3

Xoxo, Rae


Disclaimer: Yes, these products were sent to me to review, but sponsorships/items sent to me do not alter my opinion in any way. I’m here to help you (my readers) to find new products that you may have never heard about. I am all about giving 100% reviews, whether I’m paid for the review, sent the item or I purchase it myself. Just something to keep in mind for my past/future reviews.

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July 19, 2017

Foxbrim Haul + Review *


Hey my loves! Another haul comin’ at chu. Today is all about Foxbrim, a cruelty-free company who offers organic, natural skincare and hair care products, which are also affordable!

(P.s. Shout out to my friend Emily for some great pictures that I wouldn’t have been able to get on my own!)

This is by far one of my favorite products that I’ve ever tried. I have stretch marks on the back of my thighs that kind of just appeared out of nowhere and I’m really insecure about them (like not wanting to wear shorts, insecure about them). I’ve always been kind of skeptical about stretch mark creams or similar products but decided to give this one a go since it contains rosehip oil and I’ve heard that it’s good for scars and marks. I tried this at night and the next morning one of my stretch marks was faded and wasn’t as deep as it used to be (if I ran my fingers over it I could feel the indentation…) I was seriously so surprised. I apply it at least once every day, usually before bed but it is suggested to use it twice a day. I definitely recommend the Revitalizing Stretch Mark Oil, it’s what dreams are made of.

The Ocean Mineral Lotion has been my go to in the morning. It’s lightweight and doesn’t leave me feeling greasy, plus it smells good! I love that it has hyaluronic acid in it because it helps with aging and I’ve gotten so many compliments on my skin since using this.

Another thing I like to use in the morning! The Lavender Mist Toner is so refreshing on the skin and it has beneficial ingredients in it to fight redness and inflammation, and the lavender essential oil helps to reduce stress and calm you down.

*insert goofy pic here*

This has been my go-to cleanser lately now that my acne has calmed down a little. The Coconut Mil + Honey Facial Cleanser has vitamin E oil in it, aloe vera, honey and more to give you a gentle but effective cleanse. It’s so gentle on the skin and helps to balance out my oily-ness.

The Ultimate Renewal Scar Cream is perfect for acne scars, dark spots or other parts of your body! I’ve been using it on some of my acne scars and so far, so good. It’s been lightening the spots and helps to heal the skin. The bottle is smaller than the other products, but you don’t really need a lot of it for it to do it’s job!

I also have a discount code for my readers. Get 15% off ANY and ALL Foxbrim products with the code “RAECHIC15”!

I hope you enjoyed the post. Are you interested in any of these from Foxbrim?! Let me know 🙂

Thanks so much for reading, as always <3

Xoxo, Rae

Disclaimer: Yes, these products were sent to me to review, but sponsorships/items sent to me do not alter my opinion in any way. I’m here to help you (my readers) to find new products that you may have never heard about. I am all about giving 100% reviews, whether I’m paid for the review, sent the item or I purchase it myself. Just something to keep in mind for my past/future reviews.

This post does not contain affiliate links.

July 3, 2017

Thrive Market Haul + Review


Hey my loves! Finally, a beauty related post I’m sure you’ve all been waiting for. I’ve been seeing ads for Thrive Market a lot lately and decided that I would try it out for myself since they have a pretty damn good selection of products, including food, cleaning products, beauty products and more. It’s basically a one stop shop for everything you need and you can filter the results you get by only gluten free items or only cruelty free items (+ more categories)! I find that super helpful, especially when I want to try out new products from cruelty free brands.

So, about Thrive Market. It is a paid yearly subscription service, BUT it’s worth it. Just like having Amazon Prime is worth it! It’s $60 a year and with each paid subscription they’re able to give low-income families a membership so they can make cheaper and healthier choices. You can get 25% off your first purchase and a 30-day FREE trial of the service here.

Alright, now onto the goodies I got!

I picked up 4 things for a total of $25. I found a coupon code for $10 + free shipping – so make sure you download Honey to find you the best coupon codes!

Derma E Very Clear Moisturizing Cream $11.95 w/ coupon (regularly $19.50)

So I’m still having trouble keeping my acne at bay lately, damn you birth control. I guess I can’t really do much about it since it is hormonal but I thought I would try out a new moisturizer and this one happens to be targeted for oily/acne prone skin. It doesn’t dry me out, which I was worried about but it does smell like tea tree oil, so if you don’t like that, you won’t like this. I haven’t met a Derma E product that I haven’t liked yet! 10/10, do recommend.

Derma E Very Clear Acne Cleanser  $9.45 (regularly $15.50)

There is a theme here with this order lol. I also grabbed the Derma E acne cleanser to help out my skin as well. I use this in the shower when I wash my face and I use it on one of those rubber scrubbies. It feels really good on the skin but does have that tea tree oil smell. It not only helps with reducing irritation, it also acts as an antiseptic and antibacterial face wash to help kill the breakouts before they happen! Surprisingly, this doesn’t dry my skin out either. I mean my skin type has definitely changed, I’m more oily/normal now when before I was extremely dry. It’s crazy how hormones can change your skin, right?! Anyways, again another 10/10, do recommend! I literally love Derma E so much.

Desert Essence Blemish Touch Stick $5.95 (regularly $9.99)

I was a fan of the ELF acne fighting gel for $3, but lately I felt like it wasn’t entirely effective for me anymore so I decided to get this bad boy. The ingredients are similar, but this one has witch hazel and tea tree oil as the first ingredients and in the ELF one they’re kind of scattered. SO, I think this one is definitely more effective. It’s super concentrated and helps to dry out my spots, another item that I liked from this haul! I would recommend this if you want a cruelty free spot treatment that’s invisible 🙂 (besides the smell, haha).

Thrive Market Vanilla Mint Lip Balm $6.95 (regularly $14.99)

I’m always running out of lip balms and I know for sure that I am not the only one. 4 lip balms for $7? Heck yeah. Maybe that isn’t a good deal, but for me it is since I obviously want to use products that are cruelty free and if I’m out and about, I don’t want to buy a $2 lip balm that isn’t cruelty free, y’know? I’m not even sure if I’m making any sense, but maybe you’ll understand how I feel. Plus, most cruelty free lip balms (ex: Hurraw! are my fave but are almost $5 for one :/) are over $2 a piece, so I figured this would be a good value. Maybe I’m wrong, maybe I’m right – who knows!

Anyways! That’s the end of this haul, check out this cute lil stop motion I made on Instagram!

BTW, are you following me on Insta? If not, you can check it out here and I would love if you followed me.

I hope you enjoyed the post! Have you used Thrive Market before? Let me know 🙂

Thanks so much for reading, as always <3

Xoxo, Rae

Disclaimer: These products were bought with my own money and all opinions are my own. I will be paying for my own annual subscription and I am not being paid to make this post. The links for products are NOT affiliate links but the link for your first Thrive order is (so if you click it and start an order/membership I will receive commission off of that – if you’re not comfortable with that, then you don’t have to click it!)

May 25, 2017