Best Kept Secrets To Clearing An Acne Breakout For Good


Acne can be a real issue for some of us, with regular breakouts and even scarring to contend with you might always be looking for the next best thing to clear your skin for good. While heading to your doctor and seeking medical treatment can be one way to go, I thought it was worth sharing with you some alternative methods for prevention and clearing that acne for good. I hope they work for you.

Using an oil-free face wash

Prevention is key and one of the ways acne can build up over time is caused by oil and bacteria getting into your pores and causing the blemish. So using an oil-free face wash daily is an excellent way to gently exfoliate away any dead skins cells that can block pores.

A facial brush is your secret weapon

Using a facial brush on your skin is another way you can degrease your skin naturally. The rotating brush can also help lift any dead skin cells enabling you to wash you face clear once used.

Consider a laser treatment

In some extreme cases, it may be worth seeking advice from a beauty professional that deals with things like laser treatment. The lasers can treat, in most cases, the route of the problem and help avoid any further scarring in the future. There are many Laser Beauty Medical Spas to attend that offer a wide range of services. Going for a consultation would be a good place to start.

Use DIY beauty methods

I am all for cruelty-free products, so using DIY methods seems like a natural step to take. Considering pantry ingredients like honey, yogurt, fruits, and even eggs can all have a positive effect on your skin and acne breakouts. There are many websites offering a step by step guide to creating your own facial washes, face masks, and cleansers. All with varying results to target different areas. Homemade scrubs are also really good for the skin. You might find that ingredients like honey and avocado work very well with all skin types.

Keep your bed linen fresh

It’s all well and good working hard on different treatments but your bed linen, and specifically your pillow case, can keep bacteria on their for days. So change your sheets regularly to ensure your skin stays cleansed.

Look at your diet

Cutting back on sugary foods is another great way to avoid acne breakouts. But having a more balanced healthy diet is always going to help with your skin tone. Consider avoiding any processed foods and try and increase your intake of green leafy vegetables. One thing many people recommend is to cut out any dairy products from your diet. Although it would be worth checking with a medical professional before making any changes to your diet.

Stay hydrated

Finally, make sure you drink plenty of water and cut back on the amount of alcohol you might drink. Water is a natural detox to flush out your body of toxins and is a proven method to helping clear up skin problems.

I hope these tips help you clear up an acne breakout.

Thanks for reading, as always <3

xoxo, Rae

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