Anti-Haul #1: What I’m Not Gonna Buy


I love watching these videos by Kimberly Clark and some other YouTubers have begun to make their own anti-haul videos! I find them really informative and they give you some ideas that you may not have thought about when you’re looking into buying that palette that was just released. Want to to know what’s new in the cruelty free beauty world and why I’m NOT going to buy it? Then keep on reading!

Too Faced // Natural Love Collection

Too Faced is a great brand, although it is disappointing that they sold out to Estee Lauder. I do still support companies who are cruelty free that have parent companies, but I know that those who don’t are disappointed that Too Faced would take money over their ethical values. Anyways, I’m not buying anything from their Natural Love collection. Too Faced has been known for numerous inconsistencies with their eyeshadows, especially in their previous holiday palettes, which is upsetting since their original palettes (boudoir eyes, natural matte, etc) are good quality. Not to mention – how many damn neutral palettes will a brand release? Too Faced has TONS and it’s disappointing to see their previous shades just repackaged, basically just put into new rows and columns. As for the highlights in this collection, I’m not going to buy them either. I’ve heard that they’re chunky and just aren’t anything special (not to mention the price!) I would definitely pass on this collection, I’m sure you have shadows that are similar to this and highlights too. It’s just not worth it! Save your money.

Tarte // Unicorn Brushes / Magical Collection

Tarte is a favorite of mine, but I’m disappointed. I feel like they just hop on the bandwagon of trendy things and create their own versions, totally ripping off the indie brands who made them first. Yeah, the unicorn brushes are cute, but they’re just not something I’ll be adding to my collection. The only new release from them that I was excited about was their deodorant – other than that, it’s the same issue with Too Faced. Same shades, just repackaged. I also feel like Tarte and Too Faced are just pumping out new collections and aren’t even thinking twice about them or testing the quality of them.

Colourpop // Spring Releases

Colourpop is definitely one of my favorite brands for lipsticks and highlighters. They’re affordable and have good quality products, buuuuuut I feel like they just come out with ‘new’ collections way too often. Their new spring bundles just aren’t really exciting, since I feel like it’s stuff we’ve seen before. The lip bundles are cool if you want to try out their different formulas, but for me, it’s a no to these new releases. I just have way too many lipsticks right now, so I don’t need anymore. What I would like to see though is more of their new face duos, preferably with a matte bronzer shade for my pale babes and me.

What’s something that’s super hyped that you’re not going to buy? Let me know!

I hope you enjoyed the post & thanks so much for reading, as always <3

Xoxo, Rae

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  • Reply Kathy

    I don’t think I’ll be getting on the unicorn brush band wagon either. They’re pretty and all but I feel a bit weird and I know I’d always be worried that the colour will transfer
    Kathy x

    March 31, 2017 at 8:49 pm
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    […] guys stuff I’m not going to buy. I’ve done an anti-haul before, which you can check out here. You guys know I’m a beauty junkie, so it’s hard for me to say no to makeup but I […]

    August 5, 2017 at 10:00 am
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